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Your reliable partner for ant control in Vancouver & nearby areas offers affordable eco-friendly ant control/treatments that are long-lasting, eliminating ants with their colonies from your home or office premises.

Ants one of the ancient specie on earth, often known to cause hassle to many homeowners & commercial clients, therefore effective ant control or treatment is important. Ants invade & spoil food items, especially made of sugar. Although to people all ants looks pretty much the same but there are different species of Ants living on this planet with unique characteristics.

Carpenter ants control vancouver bc

As a social insect, Ants build Colonies and some of its colonies can be found easily and eliminated while some of the colonies, if located at uncommon places might be hard to access and mismanaged treatments may make things worse.

Especially Carpenter ants is one of the types that must be treated by specialists. Regardless of the environment residential or Commercial, Alpine Pest control Ltd. has a remarkable history of providing superior quality eco-friendly service.

carpenter ants control vancouver

At Alpine Pest Control Ltd. Our Professionals have excellent expertise to treat any type of ants (including Paroh Ants, Ghost Ants, Pavement Ants, and Carpenter Ants etc.). Our Experts having sound knowledge that may help in even worst situations.




These tiny social insects develop and live in colonies which may have few hundreds to millions of Ant workers in it .The size of Ant’s colony actually depends upon the kind of specie whereas each worker in the colony has its own distinct role. Usually each of Ant colonies may have one or more Queens, An ant queen is responsible for laying eggs and developing colonies while ant workers have distinct roles of protecting and nourishing the queen, defending colony, foraging for food.

Ants usually seen crawling on the surface are the workers forging for food items using unseen odor trail to move back & forth between colony & food resource.

carpenter ant control vancouver bc

At certain occasion each year a large number of Winged Ants are produced, These Winged Ants (swammers) are often misidentified for termites. These ants fly to mate and develop new colonies. Ants may nest outside or inside the building premises depending on the specie; however, the species nesting inside the building premises are often quite tricky to deal with.

These little insects got many interesting facts as they can load items that are 50 times heavier than their body weight. Despite of large and small Ant Colonies, Super Colonies (gigantic societies of ants expanded for thousands of miles) are also witnessed.

carpenter ants control vancouver

To effectively remove ant infestation proper inspection & figuring out location of the colonies is important as spraying pesticides may just eradicate crawling ants but not the colony. Eliminating Ants along with their nests and Queen is challenging. Improper treatment may not eliminate the colony and cause further dispersion of Ants and development of new colonies.

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