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Bed bugs infestation is one of the common pest issue faced by the residents of Vancouver & nearby suburbs. If you experience peculiar smell in the bedroom, brown or red marks on your bedcovers & small itchy red bumps on the body, chances are your home is invaded by bed bugs in this case a certified pest control company must be consulted without wasting anytime.

bedbug pest control vancouver

Alpine Pest control Ltd offers complete affordable bed bugs control solutions either residential or commercial in Vancouver BC and nearby suburbs. Our experts available 7 days/week to assist you just whenever you need. With combined experience and diverse expertise, when it comes to bed bugs control, our experts provide complete remedy and assistance anytime and anywhere in lower mainland.

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Bed bugs are tiny reddish-brown colored insects but can be visualized. Bed bugs are Approx. 5 mm length, 3 mm wide in size and feed on human blood. These tiny blood suckers are great movers and can travel from one room to another very fast thus they can spread quickly. Places where bed bugs might hide are cervices & cracks in the bed frame, cupboard, mattresses, electrical boards, wall cracks, picture frames, carpets, cloths etc.

A female bed bug usually lays approx. 1-5 eggs in a day and approx. 200-500 eggs in life span. The process starts when male bed bug fertilizes the female bed bug by piercing the body of female bed bug. A male bed bug has the capability to fertilize many female bed bugs in 24 hours. These eggs hatch approx. 6-10 days. These little human blood sucking insects are hard and can survive for several months without feeding. Bed bugs start biting when people sleep and bites of the bed bugs are usually not detected because these bites are painless and leave itchy red bumps on the skin.

Although the most common hiding places for bed bugs are cracks and cervices of bed but they may disperse throughout the property as these little creatures are great travelers. Bed bugs cannot fly but transported in the property through luggage, shopping bags especially recycled old furniture. Blood stains on pillows & sheets, black spots on electrical boards, carpets, piping of the mattress and telephone sockets are the common symptoms of bed bug infestation.

bedbug control vancouver

Though it is hard to see Bed bug eggs by naked eye but oval-shaped and flat (like apple seed), reddish brown colored bed bugs can be visualized easily. Bed bugs have been a major headache for many homeowners of Vancouver BC due to its rapid and massive reproduction. These parasitic insects do not transfer disease but presence may cause irritation, allergenic reactions and distress.

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Some people might mistake bed bugs bites for mosquitos, fleas or other insects. Bed bugs bites leave itchy red bumps on the infected skin, Bed bugs usually bites any exposed skin area of human body while sleeping. Always be extra conscious when purchasing second hand furniture and before bringing luggage or mattresses to home thoroughly inspect it. Especially after traveling always examine your luggage for bed bugs. These little safety techniques can save a lot.

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Let our experts keep the irritation and discomfort away from you!

The Experts from Alpine Pest Control Ltd are specialized in bed bug treatment always love to help and provide highly efficient Bed bugs extermination services across Vancouver BC and entire lower mainland.

The ecological approach and state of the art tools and techniques followed by Alpine pest control Ltd ensures quality of service and complete eradication of bed bugs from your premises. At Alpine Pest Control Ltd, we ensure each step of Bed bugs extermination (detection, removal, monitoring) is taken carefully and customers receives satisfaction and complete relief from bed bugs.

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