Burnaby community hosts unique neighborhoods and is a land with some of the best universities of British Columbia. With over 225,000 people living in Burnaby, one shouldn’t be surprised that there are many types of insects and pests found in British Columbia so some of wildlife animals, pests and insects can also invade homes and workplaces in such a community.

Dealing with the pests like rodents, bed bugs and wildlife animal like raccoon requires expertise of experienced professionals that’s where Alpine Pest Control Ltd, a licensed and established pest control company can help you.

Carpenter Ant Control/ Ant removal

ants control burnaby carpenter ant control burnaby

Exposed bins and Dirty dishes kept in the kitchen, can attract food-hunting ants. A number of foragers can turn into a huge trouble once they get colonized. Ants develop their colonies anywhere inside a building or outside in lawn. Locating and eliminating ant colony is not an easy job. Our experts have excellent experience and treat variety of ant species. Call us for effective ant control in Burnaby BC at reasonable rates.

Hornet and Wasps nest removal

hornet and wasps nest removal burnaby

Due to stinging nature, hornets and wasps can turn any pleasant occasion like parties, picnics into a nightmare. An established wasp nest near a home poses potential threat to you and your loved ones. Our professionals have the right kind of expertise required to remove wasp nest safely. Whether you are a homeowner or a businessman looking for wasp and hornet nest removal in Burnaby BC, you count on the exceptional skills of our experts.

Rodent- Mice Rat Control

rodent control burnaby

Mice and rats keep invading workplaces and homes in Burnaby BC. We follow eco-friendly methods and mostly use baits/traps. Although, there are various baits and traps available in the market but we use only best reliable products to eliminate the problem effectively. Rodents spoil food items, harbor and spread diseases. If you are looking for affordable and ecological rat/mice control in Burnaby BC, our highly trained experts from Alpine Pest control can help you eliminating the infestation and seal possible entry points.

Bird control

bird control burnaby

Birds often poop near the office or residential building and disrupt your peace of mind, our experts make every effort to bring back your peace of mind by installing quality Bird spikes to keep birds (seagulls and pigeon) away from your premises.

Raccoon removal

raccoon removal burnaby

Raccoons can cause serious damage to different building structures, spoil food items, harbor and spread diseases. Removing Raccoons is not a DIY project and requires expertise of highly trained professionals. Our company offers affordable raccoon removal services in Burnaby BC. Our professionals have great experience when it comes to trapping and removing raccoons from your premises. We also seal entry points to prevent future raccoon-invasions.

Cockroach Control

cockroach control burnaby

There are thousands of species of cockroaches exists all over the world. Cockroach infestation can be easily spotted in a kitchen near sinks and exposed food bins. Cockroaches can easily enter your premises through drain pipes, cervices and cracks. They can reproduce rapidly. If you have spotted Cockroach infestation, get in touch with experts, we offer effective cockroach control in Burnaby BC.

Bedbug control

bebdug control burnaby

Locating bed bugs is not easy, if you are not sure your home is infested you can ask our experts for free inspection. Incase bed bug infestation is detected, it is important to eliminate the problem immediately as these insects can reproduce so fast and spread across the other areas of a building. Our company is a leading resource when it comes to bedbug control in Burnaby BC, as we offer hassle-free effective bed bug heat treatments which includes monitoring.

Flea Control/Prevention

flea control burnaby bc

If you have pets, your home might be vulnerable to flea infestation, these insects can jump into any home and not just inflict nuisance through bites but also spread diseases. If you are looking for flea prevention/control in Burnaby BC, look no further! Our Experts know all the ins and out of flea prevention and offer top quality flea control for both yard and home.

Silverfish Control

silverfish control burnaby bc

Silverfish infestation can be found in storage boxes, kitchen, bathrooms and attics, since these insects love damp and dark places. Be sure to check old furniture, cardboards and storage boxes, these items might bring silverfish. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner looking for effective silverfish control in Burnaby BC, vast experience of our professionals can help you get rid of Silverfish.