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There are varieties of pest problems faced by Homeowners and business owners in Richmond BC. These pest problems differ season to season and unique situations around building premises. Fleas, earwigs, spiders and ants usually invade in summer while beetles, rodents and ladybugs invade in the fall, searching for shelter and food resources. People residing in Multi-family homes might face cockroach and ant infestations.

Richmond British Columbia, is a beautiful island that thrives as a result of the protection of a diking system as well as the availability of rich earth in Lower Mainland. As a result of the fertile land that has produced plenty of agricultural products which also attracts wildlife animals. Richmond residents prefer Alpine Pest control Ltd as one of the established and reliable pest control company that offers affordable and effective pest removal and wildlife removal solutions in Richmond BC.

Rodent, Mice Rat Control

rodent control richmond

Rats and mice are known to cause nuisance to homeowners and businesses especially storage warehouses and restaurant owners in Richmond BC. These animals use hard-to-reach areas including wall cracks, attics to hide and colonize. Not only Rodents spoil food items, carry and spread different diseases but they also damage property structure, furniture items and chew wires.

If you are the one troubled by rodents, rats or mice and looking for reliable and affordable solutions, look no further!! We got you covered. Experienced professionals strive to use latest tools and use effective ecological methods (safe for family and pets) to treat rodents and conduct pest monitoring afterward.

Raccoon removal

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Raccoons are known to cause serious structural damage to properties, destroy the beauty of lawns and harbor different diseases by developing an unhygienic environment. These animals usually invade homes while searching for food resources and shelters. Raccoon invasion can be spotted easily often during the night. Since getting rid of them on your own can be very difficult. We offer best affordable raccoon removal services in Richmond BC. Our pros can safely trap, remove raccoons from your premises and seal possible entry points to prevent future-invasions.

Ant control

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Ants trouble many homeowners and businessmen throughout the year. These tiny insects cause trouble in and outside the building. Though there are many species of ants but most commonly found species in Canada are Argentine ant, pavement ant, pharaoh ant, black carpenter ant, odorous house ant and thief ant. Carpenter ants tunnel into wood and damage structure of your property. Our professionals carefully locate the nesting site and eliminate their colony. Call our experts for affective ant control in Richmond BC.

Bird control

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Experience great quality bird control service Richmond has to offer. Our experts possess exceptional knowledge and use best products (e.g. bird spikes) to make sure birds like seagulls, pigeons are not pooping near your home or workplace. As compared to the quality service we cost less to serve more potential customers. Having served residential and commercial clients we can present excellent references as well.

Silverfish Control

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Silverfish likes to reside in damp & dark areas like attics, bathroom, basements and kitchen. Usually found in stored boxes located in sheds and garages. Silverfish must be treated by experienced professionals since most of DIY methods doesn’t seems to be working and often traps available in the market are designed for unique type of specie. If you are looking for effective silverfish control in Richmond BC, just pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with our professionals who will assess the situation and help you better in eliminating silverfish infestation from your premises.

Cockroach Control

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Cockroaches/Roaches cause trouble to many homeowners while crawling in the kitchen and sink areas, spoiling food items and spreading different diseases. Have you tried all traditional methods and still facing cockroach infestation? Why not try Alpine Pest Control Ltd Professionals available at your service at reasonable rates offering reliable solutions by using best products and techniques when you are looking for cockroach control in Richmond BC.

Bedbug Heat treatments/Control

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For homeowners, bed bugs are a big trouble. These tiny insects are difficult to find, with latest equipment and excellent expertise of our professionals, you can get rid of bed bugs at affordable rates, saving yourself and your family from potential health risks. Eliminating bedbug infestation is very important in the first place as these insects reproduce and spread. Bedbug removal is not a DIY thing as to an untrained eye the infestation can easily go undetected and make the situation worse.

Bed bugs can invade a house through old furniture, shopping bags and other home shipped items. If you are not sure whether your property is infested or not, you can call our experts to consult an inspection. We have been serving Richmond BC with effective bed bug treatments for several years. Experienced pros perform free inspection, use ecological products and make sure the problem is completely gone.

Flea Prevention/Control

Flea control richmond BC

Fleas can jump into a home or office premises, cause serious nuisance and spread diseases. Usually they come through wildlife animals and pets. These insects prey on blood meal and their bites leave itchy marks. Flea prevention is not easy and takes proactive approach If you are looking for affordable flea control in Richmond BC, in that time of need choosing our service can be your best decision.

Wasp Nest Removal

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A wasp or bee nest near home or office building is a hassle that poses potential threat to you and your loved ones. Removing Wasp nest is risky and not a DIY thing since this might turn them aggressive. Treating wasps takes profound skills and effective approach. If you are looking for affordable wasp nest removal in Richmond BC, Experience of our vigilant Pros backed by state-of-the-art tools can save your from wasp stings and help you get rid of wasp nest safely.