Variety of pests exists in Surrey BC. They can invade home or office building while searching for shelter and food resources. Bed beg infestation might be passed through unchecked shipping boxes, luggage and old furniture. If you are looking for affordable pest control service/exterminator in Surrey, Look no further! You can count on Alpine Pest control Ltd for all your pest control needs. We use eco-friendly & effective products and offer reasonable rates, above all exceptional support.


rodent control surrey
Rats and mice invade usually in fall. we receive more phone calls for rodent control in fall season. Norway rats, roof rats create nuisance to many homeowners in surrey. Identifying the type of rodent helps in elimination process. Experts at alpine pest control ltd, possess sound knowledge to help you with any type of mice or rat infestations, our pros never turn back even in the worst case scenarios. Having served residential and commercial clients for rodent control in Surrey BC, makes us one of established company that offers affordable rodent control in surrey BC.


ants control surrey
There are approx. 100 types of ants exists in Canada, many of these species are found in Surrey. Ants can develop their colonies anywhere inside or outside a building (e.g. damp woods in a lawn) while foraging for food. Rooting out and Eliminating ant colony is tricky, especially eliminating carpenter ant infestation requires skills of highly trained professionals. At Alpine Pest Control Ltd, we offer effective ant control solutions, experts use ecological products to safely remove the infestation.


wasps nest removal surrey
Pest threats differ season to season. We receive more calls for wasp nest removal in warm weather. Yellow jacket wasps and hornets can cause serious damage. These creatures can ruin your parties & picnics and cause serious troubles especially when they start stinging. To safely remove a wasp nest services of experienced Pros plays an important role. Professionals at Alpine pest control have great experience in wasp nest removal. For Safe and fast Wasp nest removal in surrey BC, you can call us for free consultation.


squirrel control surrey
Squirrels can cause several problems including tearing apart insulation, chewing wires and wooden windows frame. We offer best squirrel removal services in Surrey BC. Sealing possible entry points is the key to effective squirrel removal therefore our professionals conduct a thorough inspection, install traps and close possible entry points.


raccoon removal - wildlife removal surrey
Raccoon removal is tricky and must be left to the hands of experienced professionals. Their infestation can be easily detected. These masked-faces-animals can give tough time to any homeowner. Let our experienced professionals inspect thoroughly, remove raccoons and close off possible entry points of your property for good. We offer safe & efficient raccoon removal solutions in surrey BC.


bird control surrey
Seagulls, Pigeons, and sparrows add beauty to nature but can cause nuisance to homeowners and business environments especially when these birds start pooping just above the door of your house or near the window of your office. As a leading bird control specialists in surrey BC, we offer wide range of bird exclusion solutions according to your needs whether residential or commercial.


bedbug  control surrey
Spotting and treating bedbugs take expertise of experienced Professionals. Our experts with vast knowledge using latest techniques can help eliminating a bed beg infestation effectively and save yourself and your loved ones from potential health risk and nuisance. We conduct thorough inspection, use best products, mechanisms and proper monitoring to keep your home and business atmosphere pest-free. Consult today for effective and affordable bedbug control in Surrey BC.


cockroach control surrey bc
Cockroaches keep invading home and workplaces in surrey BC. They harbor and spread diseases, while in business environment they also ruin customer experience. Since, these insects grow quickly after establishing their roots, neglecting the infestation might make the situation worse, hiring our effective cockroach control service in surrey BC, can be your next smart choice.


silverfish control surrey
In basements, bathroom, kitchen or any other dark and damp places silverfish can survive and reproduce quickly and create a nuisance for homeowners and businessmen in surrey BC. Especially, when it comes to commercial storage, silverfish is a big trouble. While spotting and eliminating a silverfish infestation takes expertise of highly trained professionals, your friend in that time of need can be Pros at Alpine Pest Control Ltd. Our experts have sound knowledge and use latest techniques to effectively eliminate the infestation. Consult today for affordable silverfish control in surrey BC.