Facts About Bed Bugs You need to know !

Silly, Eccentric but True

As due to the fame bed bugs got during past years seen on the news, you may concept the fact that you know everything about bed bugs. Bed bugs cause itchy red swelling, they like to taste human body while they sleep and very tricky to treat and get rid off. These irritating bed bugs got some surprising secrets you may not be aware.

1. Bed bugs can be anywhere

Its often a false assumption about bed bugs that hotels are the only place where these pests reside, well they can be anywhere from apartments to office buildings, trains, buses, movie theaters, college, hospitals, family homes wherever human resides. According to the recent survey bed bugs were reported in large number homes & apartments. Hotels/motels movie theatres, college halls, transportation, laundry facilities were found common areas where bed bugs invasions were detected by pest control professionals.

2. Bed bugs do not live in city only.

Bed bugs are not just a part of big cities they can be found in all different states, Although due to huge population factors and rapid movements they are found 3 times more in the urban regions than the rural areas. Amplified mobility cause rapid propagation across the city. The rural areas are not safe from these pesky pest. These pests are capable of living in rural circumstances much likely they live in urban areas.

3. Bed bugs are strong.

These pests can survive in many hard situations, they can pass many months without meal, they can easily reside in bags and suitcases for a long period and can remain in the furniture as well. Moreover they can live in freezing conditions as well. These pests cannot be dealt with DIY procedures. As Bed bugs are very solid, most effective way to eliminate bed bugs invasion is to consult Pest Control trained Professionals instantly.

4. Bed bugs are elusive

Surviving nature of bedbugs makes them so delicate. The understand how to stay out of reach throughout the day, disappearing in box springs, mattress cervices, behind picture frames, beside electrical boards, still behind the wallpapers as well. The carbon dioxide human respire mostly lure them out of their hiding areas.

5. Bed bugs are Systematized.

Once these pests get any entertainer, they can feed for about 10 minutes until satisfaction as they got a prenominal feeding pattern. Often bites of bedbugs will mostly be discovered in pattern like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Red bumps in groups or in a row on uncovered skin on legs, arms, chest are betraying symptoms of bed bugs invasions as they leave their marks behind.

6. Bed bugs as branch of science

Many times the questioned is asked by people why they were not woke up by bed bug bite. Well the bed bugs never wake up their human host. The mechanisms in bed bug spittle operation is an analgesic and cause amplify blood flow at the bite area, causing nurturing activity very fast and almost painless.
These pests hide to isolated areas for about 10 days after biting human. In this period they just absorb their meal and do not feed anymore, lay eggs and breed.
Bed bugs are the pest very hard to eliminate, if you have bed bugs invasion in your home never treat it yourself, always ask for professional pest control service to do the job. Pest control professionals can examine your house and lead you to a successful treatment.