When you got bed bugs in home

Things you must know about bed bugs !

Every year many people experience unpleasant encounter with bed bugs. Bed bugs are so famous among people that everyone got his own story about bed bugs infestation. The rapid growth of bed bugs is due various reasons, which include not following the countermeasures, excessive mobilization and lack of awareness about prevention techniques.

According to a survey report Pest control professionals experienced increased number of invasions by bed bugs in homes and hotels. It is an obvious factor that bed bugs are potential threat to human health and wellbeing. Irritating red bumps (swelling) on the skin are the consequences when bed bugs bite. Upon rubbing the affected bitten area of the skin, swelling can increase causing more infections and skin complexities.

According to Pest control professionals treating bed bugs is daunting task than other pests like, cockroach, termite and ant. Adult bed bugs can live without the food for a long period. Once bedbugs get inside the premises, these pests grow rapidly from one room to another as they are fantastic movers, so they can pass through pipes, clothes and other necessary luggage, inside a hotel they be very dynamic, causing guests to change room.

Bed bugs are highly propagated in large populated areas urban or rural. People living in the city and populated rural areas are often experienced bed bugs. According to Pest control professionals bedbugs are mostly detected in urban areas which are massively attacked by bed bugs, especially tourists staying in the hotel encounter bed bugs commonly. Bed bugs are limited to hotel, they can reside anywhere like sofa cousins, beside electric boards, picture frames etc. According to Pest Control Professionals college dormitories often seen affected by bed bugs. In addition transportation, laundry places, movie theaters are also in the range of bed bugs.

One can easily think of avoiding bed bugs is impossible, but don’t worry there are prevention techniques can be used to avoid bed bug incursions. - After vacations don’t forget to vacuum your luggage .

- Inspect your bed sheets for blood spots regularly

- Placing your suitcase into a plastic container can be more useful

- Using flashlight to inspect hidden areas can be handy

- Always be extra conscious while purchasing old furniture especially mattress and springs, try to avoid used items otherwise pest control professionals can be hired to inspect used furniture and other purchased stuff for possible bed bug invasions.

- Examine pets sleeping places frequently

Bed bugs are very creative creature and can be hard to eliminate, hiring services of pest control professionals is highly recommended.