Home Pest Control : Tips to Stay Safe from Pests


As many people stay indoors in winter season and enjoy warm surroundings. Covering shoulders with blanket sitting against the fire pot can be very relaxing experience until a mouse rushes across the floor.

In winter many pests like spiders, cockroaches mice, rats tend to find entrance in homes and buildings while looking for food and shelter, these pests can survive more than a year and can be a disaster for human well-being and building structure.

Rodents are known to carry several diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella; they care capable of demolishing electrical wires and other building structures. Cockroach usually found in the kitchen and other wet areas, ruin food items transporting allergic asthma and other harmful diseases to which children are seriously affected. These pests depending upon the type develop their nests in distinctive areas of the house or building.

Following tips can be very helpful to avoid these pests in winter and fall ensuring a pest free experience and making winter and fall seasons entertaining and peaceful.

1. Always have an eye on different areas open to outdoors like chimneys, attic vents, animal doors and other opened slots.
2. Often pests like moist areas to live, so keep crawl spaces and attics in the building dry, clean and well ventilated.
3. Look after cervices and cracks outside of the home and remember to seal as several pests inhabit these areas and can invade into home as well.
4. Pests like cockroach and many other insects feed on garbage, keep the kitchen clean, cover food items and properly dispose garbage.
5. Pest can use loose mortars around the windows and other foundations to infiltrate into the house, repairing loose mortars can be handy in not only to keep pests away but to keep the warmth in.
6. Keeping firewood approx. 20 feet away from the home, cleaning bushes near the home and keeping shrubbery well-trimmed is a good practice to keep pests away from getting inside the home. Pests use these common areas to hide themselves.
7. Household pests can use cracks and ripped window screens to penetrate into the building. Repairing damaged screens and installing door sweeps could block many household pests as well.
8. Properly examine boxes and packages before bringing into the home as there is something extra? As the pests use creative ways to travel around.
9. Pet’s food dishes left outside may attract several pests as pests don’t distinguish between pet’s food and people food. So pet’s food dishes should not be left outside for long time.
10. A Good sewerage system may help to keep pest away, a good drainage system can be helpful in keeping water and moisture away from the house as moist areas attract many pests.

These tips are handy in keeping pests away from home or building however if you suspect any pest intrusion better to consult a Professional Pest Control Service in your area.