Home Pest Control Tips for Homeowners


Pests have been a major concern for many homeowners for not only the nuisance they cause but they demolish building structures as well. Here are simple Home Pest Control tips every home owner can benefit from.


Mixture of borax and sugar can be used to eliminate ants. In a quart jar mix a cup of borax and a cup of sugar, once it is completely mixed, punch holes in jar’s bottom and sprinkle this composition around the baseboards and foundations of the house. Ants will taste the sugar and die. Don’t let the children and pets go near the area where you have sprinkled the mixture as they are likely to be affected by borax.


Borax powder can be used in kitchen and bathroom areas. Children and Pets should be kept away from the areas where borax is sprinkled.

Wasps and Hornets

Usually there are some insect sprays available in the market; Pest Control Professionals should be consulted while buying any insect spray as they can understand which one is useful for what kind. Hair spray can be utilized if you don’t have any insect spray at home.


If your home is attacked by fleas, you should vacuum carpets well prior to using any kind of insect spray and throw the dust bag away at once.


To avoid mosquitos, keep home lean especially crawl spaces and change bird’s bath every 2 days, as changing bird’s bath regularly can reduce mosquitos population.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants attracted to damp wood, keep your home surfaces dry and air, examine roof and pipes every month for water leaks. As pests use creative ways to enter inside the home, check your bags thoroughly before bringing into the home. Make arrangements to pest proof whole building as pest may travel through the walls and ar capable of moving from one apartment to another.

Raccon & Rats

There are several types of traps available in the market that can be used. The type selection depends upon the type of rat you have inside your home.
There are some chemical repellents for raccoon but it may harm you as well not only the raccoons. The best thing to do when raccoon leaves is to seal possible entry points to prevent further invasions.

These tips can be handy but make sure prior to any treatment, pest control professionals should be consulted as they identify the type of pest and can suggest accordingly.