Occasional Invaders Vancouver BC


Occasional invaders term is the category of pests that keep attacking home or building time to time due to climate changes. These pests invade into home or building while looking for food and shelter.
There are many type of pests fall in occasional invaders like earwigs, ladybug, pill bugs, silverfish, slugs, centipedes, crickets, scorpions etc.

Most often these pests remain outdoors throughout the year but as the fall starts home owners may experience some of these inside the premises as they often search for shelter in this season to hide away.

These pests can be nothing more than annoying factor when they move into home or building in massive numbers but there are some species that can cause severe damage and can be a serious concern for homeowners.

Silverfish pest can affect paper stuff like books, wallpapers, envelopes etc. Ladybugs can affect clothing, curtain, fabrics, agriculture industry is often affected by stink bugs as these pests tend to demolish crops.

Homeowners may often see centipede swarming through the wall, these kinds of little pests can be even treated with vacuum cleaner but remove vacuum bag after dealing with these pests as their odor may be irritating and infuse the area.

It is also a fact these pests may carry several infections and may be harmful if overlooked for a long period. Pest intrusion should not be neglected and consultation with a Professional Pest Control Company is strongly suggested to ensure safety of your family health.