Tips to avoid Pests in Winter

Keeping heat in Pests away !

In winter season significant change occur is the absence of flying insects like flies, bees mosquitoes . These pests are asoociated with fall and summer, agony to outdoor events, and cold weather bring relaxation from their bits and stings which they make. But it doesn’t mean all pests are on holiday this summer if flying pests are not there.
Cockroaches, spiders and mice could be creeping underfoot throughout the winter season. In search of shelter in winter season they found our homes quite handy. Its very vital to take these steps in order to keep these pests away, because they can cause more damage than just dust in the corner.

Hantavirus and salmonella are diseases transported by rodents. Some types of Spiders can also cause severe side effects while biting. Allergies and asthma is can be also inducted by cockroaches.
Alpine Pest Control has compiled various guidelines that can be very useful for every homeowner to keep these pests away from invading your home in the winter.

1. Block all the holes and cracks outside the home to keep rodents from getting inside. Also be extra conscious about pipes and other utilities enter the home. A mouse can come through a whole whose size is of a dime.

2. Having loos mortar shedding around the basement grounds and the windows its time to change.

3. If there is pile near your home, mice & ants can easily develop their nests in wood piles and invade your home so keep firewood about 20 feet away from the home.

4. Take care of rodent keep storage areas, rodents can disappear in clutter, make sure store boxes are not placed on the floor.

5. Get rid of damp areas, You must be extra conscious about bathrooms and kitchens because these areas are more prone to cockroach invasion.

6. Overhaul broken screen in the windows set up door sweeps.

7. Keep basements and crawl spaces, attics dry and airy. Monitor vents to funnels as well.

Home destruction with wind , frost and snow are the anxieties comes in winter as well, by using these tips you can eliminate the chances of pest invasion. Don’t let the pests party in your home, if you have a pest free home then yes that’s a peaceful place for holiday parties, having good time with the family and that’s what all about winter season is. If you are in doubt you have pest incursion you can Contact Alpine Pest Control anytime. Our technicians are well trained to keep your winter season safe from pests.