Pest control exterminating vancouver: Common Pests Problems in Vancouver BC


There are several types of pests disturbing homeowners in Vancouver across the year. These pets while looking for food and shelter get into home or commercial building and often become a major concern as they carry several diseases and demolish the structure of home or building. Everyone loving in Vancouver BC seems to tell his or her own story about different pest problem they face in daily file.

If overlooked, these pests can cause significant damage to the structures of your home. These pests must be treated instantly once noticed, in order to avoid big troubles.
Following information can be handy to identify important and dangerous pests found in Vancouver BC and to avoid them to ensure pest free experience.

Rats & Mice

One of the common pest problems faced by the people of Vancouver BC, is “Rodents”, it is very hard and almost impossible to rat-proof premises as they can fit through very small openings as little as half inch in length. Norway rats can hole up to 4 feet which makes them capable of finding entry points in basement and crawl spaces while Norway rats like climbing and can find entry points inside home through the roof.
Rats can chew remarkably; they can end up tearing any stuff placed between them and food. Norway rats and Roof rats are brilliant swimmers as well so sever lines can also be used to invade into home or building. Rats comes in different size and shapes ranging 5-10 inches in length, weighing about 5-16 ounces and having distinct colors brown to grey. Rats also have distinct features like pointy noses and long tails.

There are some countermeasures to be followed to make their entry harder although it is very difficult to stop them from entering your premises.
- As fire woods have been a shelter resource for rats so keeping fire woods away from the home is a good practice.
- Having birds in your home? Cleanup bird’s seed is vital as it may attract rats.
- Keep bushes, weeds and growing plants trimmed outside the building as rats use these places to hide, also keeping branches of trees away from the roof of the building makes it very hard for roof rat to climb at the roof and attack the building.
- Use plastic containers to store dry foods.
- Garbage is been a major resource of food for not only rats but also other pests so garbage must be properly managed.
- Keeping your home clean all the time saves a lot


Cockroaches have been found commonly in kitchen areas as they infest food and like moist areas. Cockroaches are commonly of pile brown color but litters are almost black, their bodies are oval-shaped and flattened having to antennae and wings. They are found in different sizes ranging from half inch to 5.8 inches in length & litters have nearly half the size of adults.

Cockroaches are very reproductive insects and most ugly and scary type among pests you can encounter. They carry many diseases and often children are affected. Moist areas attract Cockroaches and therefore they are often found in kitchen areas hiding in dark places, refrigerator motors, electrical boards etc. They are well capable of traveling through the pipes from one place to another. A good sanitation can help in prevention from different types of Cockroaches but poor sanitation can support Cockroaches infestation and attract many pests as well. Cockroach control is essential to ensure well-being of your family.

Shopping bags and other stuff should be examined before bringing into home. In case of cockroach intrusion, services of professional pest Control Company in your area should be acquired to remove them properly and seal their entry points as well.


Wearing black and yellow cover and having length about 4-8 inches, wasps are original creator of papers. Usually their cone-shaped nests can be seen hanging from building and trees. There are some types of wasps that develop colonies underground, colonies get well established in summer and single colony may have approximately 4000 workers inside.

Often these wasps make their nests at separate places but their presence near residing area can be very dangerous as anyone can disturb their nest accidently and get stung. Each colony consists of a queen and many workers inside. The lifespan of wasps nest is approximately 1 year and wasp never reuse nests.

Queens usually hide away in the winter and survived queens start developing new colonies in the spring.

Eliminating wasp nest or wasp nest removal is a process which should be dealt by pest control professionals, never try to remove wasp nest alone without following safety precautions as disturbing their nests may provoke them and you may get stung.

In case you are stung by wasps, instant medication and treatment is strongly recommended as it may have adverse consequences.

Paroh Ants

Paroh Ants due to their tiny little size can be hard to spot and can be easily brought to home through different stuff which is brought in the home. Examine e the luggage or the shopping stuff as chances are you may be carrying these tine insects inside. Ants can develop their nests in any part of your home which suits them, Problem with the nests is, these are often very hard to locate. Typically moist and warm areas are amusing and ideal conditions for these insects. The colonies of ants may grow rapidly and split across different areas in the home. These colonies might be hard to treat, spraying pesticides may result in killing just a few ants and ant dispersion, if dispersed these ants can develop new colonies and multiply their magnitude.

Acquiring help from Professional Pest Control Company would be a good move in eliminating ants from home or building as Pest Control Professionals know their job very well and treat effectively.


Bedbugs are very creative irritating pests as they directly affect humans. This specie having length about ¼ inches to 3/8 inches feed on human blood. Often red bumps can be seen at the affected skin. The affected skin if scratched or rubbed may increase swelling and pain. Interesting fact Bed bugs bite is that the victim not feels their bit while sleeping.

Following are symptoms that can be detected in case of their presence.
- Blood stains on bed sheets and mattress.
- Black spot where bed bugs are living
- Sweet odor can be detected in the room similar to the smell of fresh rasp berries
As bed bugs are very creative, they are brilliant travelers and capable of traveling across the rooms through walls, selling & pipes. Treatment should be done by Pest Control Professional as they can eliminate them efficiently and effectively.