Biting insect control - Know about Aggressive Stining Insects

Killer bees Yellowjackets or wasps

As it is a fact that many people being sent to emergency rooms each year by aggressive stinging insects like Yellowjackets and bees. These pesky bugs are being a major concern in the summer and fall. These insects can be very terrifying for everyone as people tend to escape yelling and scratching upon encountering one of these species. It is very important to understand “Do and Don’ts” about these pesky insects in order to keep your pets and family safe from their stings.

“Killer” Bees

Different aggressive types of these stinging insects can have adverse results. “Killer” bees is one of these aggressive types of insects. This bee type is very harmful and aggressive in nature and looks quite similar to European Honeybees. Most dangerous fact about this type of bee specie is that “Killer” bees attack in enormous numbers, often the whole colony. Although “Killer” bees holds venom less strong than European Honey Bees but their style of attack is pretty harmful and can be very awful.

Moreover, honey bees pursue their victim for only 33 feet, but “Killer” bees got the ability to chase their subject for about 328 feet. Due to smaller colonies “Killer” bees develop their nest in uncommon areas like tree limbs, junk piles, old tires, holes in the ground etc.

Services of Professional Pest Control company is recommended in order to eliminate these insects properly, as these pests are very aggressive in nature, attempting to eliminate them without safety precautions may result in massive stingings.


These social insects are developed in colonies under a queen with number of workers ranging from approx.800 to 4000. Yellowjackets wasps usually develop their nests on trees and different areas of the buildings, also in the ground. Yellowjackets not tend to be aggressive untill their nests is impended, but once their nests is approached they can sting and are capable of stinging for a couple of times, which can result in severe pain and other allergetic reactions. There are several types of Yellowjackets found in different parts of Canada, these isects tends to invade food items especially sweets, spoiled food & protiens. Covering food items served in outdoor events and proper disposal of garbage is vital part in preventing these insects. In order to properly eliminate their nests Professional Pest Control Service must be called as these insects can be aggressive.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are called Paper wasps as these insects develop nests using paper-like stuff, these insects are also called umberalla wasps due to the structure of their typical nests. Paper wasps make their nests on branches of trees, porch celings, eaves, attics etc. These wasps can pose potential threat to human as if disturbed accidently, can sting more than once.

Always be conscious while trimming hedges or shrubs if there is paper wasp nest present. As like other aggressive stinging insects Paper wasps should be treated by Pest Control Professionals. These nests should not be removed alone without precautions and safety arrangements.