Protecting from Stinging Insects

Tips to protect your family and outdoors from Stinging Insects

As it’s a known fact, how terrifying stinging insects like yellowjackets can be. In summer and fall these insects can be a major concern for everyone as they ruin outdoor events. A queen survive throughout the winter, in summer and fall these queens start making colonies and workers in colonies, while looking for food these pesky insects can be a disaster especially at places where food is served and can turn outdoor party into a nightmare.

Hornets’ nest and bee hives can be challenging for peaceful living of anyone and can force someone to stay indoors. Well, there is no need to worry as here are some tips to follow in order to protect yourself from these pesky insects and not allowing them to ruin your outdoor events.

Cover crevices and cracks

The best methodology to prevent wasps is covering all the cracks and crevices around the home, eliminating access points of the pests is vital which will also stop other pests invading into the home or premises. Wasps usually make their nests inside chimneys and attics, so it would be a good idea to seal all vulnerable areas and keep monitoring different areas of the home or building if there is possible nesting site.

Covering food items

As different food items entice bees and wasps, so it is important to cover all food items placed outside. Cover all the garbage cans and dispose garbage properly. Use trash bins and fitting lids and make sure there is no food resource exposed to these insects.

Do not use fragrances lavishly

If possible try to use unscented soaps, lotions and shampoos, fragrances appeal different stinging insects like yellowjackets wasps. So if you are spending most of the time outside, definitely avoiding excessive perfumes would be very helpful.

Adjust your clothing

When moving outside, in the lawn or grassy areas try to avoid wearing floral prints or floral patterns and dark colors as this kind of clothing can attract several stinging insects and wasps. In grassy areas try to wear closed-toe shoes as various insects like hornets usually nest there. So it would be a good practice to wear simple light color clothing when spending time outside.

Hold your nerves

If you encounter stinging insect don’t try to smack the insect away as mostly people do in reaction, it can result in possible attack, just try to move away slowly from the area, keep yourself calm as it should fly away without causing any damage, However if someone is stung by insect, should deftly eliminate the stinger and look for medical treatment as in some cases consequences can be very severe.

Get Help from Pest Control Professionals

If you see a nest near your home or neighbors don’t try to disturb the nest as it may contain hundreds and thousands of insects. Trying to eliminate nests alone without proper precautions and safety equipment may result in massive attack and consequences can be awful. Always call a professional pest control service in your area as they can identify their type and eliminate these nests and colonies safely without any unpleasant encounter. Avoid stinging insects can be hard as they popup suddenly in pool parties cookouts etc. So it would be a good practice to follow safety measures in order to avoid any mishap.