Wasp nest removal Vancouver BC

Wasp Nest Removal Vancouver BC

Wasp nests near your home can put you in hostile conditions. People who are allergic to wasp stings may find it very distressing. Apart from the terror of being stung, someone also have to face continuous buzzing, whirring and watching these stripy winged insects hovering all over the place. But don’t worry as there are some effective methods that can be utilized to eliminate wasp.

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Preparation and Security

First of all you will have to find out whether you are allergic to wasp stings or not, if you’re not certain, allergy test would be a good option before trying to deal the nest.  If you find you are allergic to wasp stings don’t try to eliminate the nest yourself instead contact a Pest Control Company in your area. Alpine Pest Control Vancouver is the best choice when dealing with wasp nest removal in Vancouver BC. Our experts having vast experience of wasp control can do the job for you.

Determining the type of Wasp

When dealing wasp control, identifying the type of wasp you are facing is vital, so you can use appropriate approach to eliminate distinct wasp specie. Usually there aer three kinds of wasp that are most common.

Paper wasps

As compared to other types of wasps, Paper wasps have long legs and long body, Paper wasps develop large reverse umbrella-shaped nests. Nests built by Paper wasp specie can be easily seen .These nests are built in sheltered areas (eaves, opened end of pipe etc.) and disturbing these nests can provoke Paper wasps which can result in disaster because stings of this wasp specie is very painful and harmful.

Yellow jacket wasps

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Comparative to paper wasps, yellow jacket wasps have smaller legs and dense black antennae. This specie of wasp makes nests in wall voids, cavities in the ground or any enclosed areas. These nests are shielded-in and paper-looking. Yellow jacket wasps can sting the victim more than once and can be very dangerous as this type of wasps attacks in groups.


Hornets have features of white markings on its thorax and head, common and largest kind of social wasp. This specie of wasp develop paper nests in wall cavities and tree stems.

Wearing safety clothing

Due to aggressive nature of wasp it is vital to wear proper safety clothing as a wasp sting can be very tendering. Cover your legs with long jeans, use gloves and also cover your head with sweater. Cover your face with a scarf and eyes with ski goggles or safety glasses. You should wear old clothes while using pesticides spray because clothes may be affected by the dregs from the spray, once used, dispose or wash clothes instantly.

Don’t use ladder to approach a high wasp’s nest

If the location of wasp nest is very high, one should not use ladder to approach it. When you will attempt to disturb the nest while standing on a ladder, chances are you might fall and get injured.
Pest control Professionals may help in these conditions as they fully understand the best approach, when dealing with a high wasp nest smoke methodology may be useful.
You should always try to remove a wasp’s nest when it is easy to approach.

Keep children and pets away while using pesticides

As pesticides are harmful for human health, you should keep pets and children away from the areas for minimum 24 hours. Moreover if you find dead wasps on the ground, you should dispose them instantly, as pets might digest some of those and get poisoned. 

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Eliminate Wasp nest early in the year

Destroying wasp’s nest early in the year is vital because the queen (bee) who survived throughout the winter select the area to develop colony. The colony will keep developing throughout the spring and summer until it reaches its highest in late August.
In late august a sing colony of wasp may have about 2 thousands wasps in it, so the wasp’s nest should be removed early in the year because these colonies would be smaller at that time and the chances are you may kill the queen wasp. In fall or late summer low temperature kill the wasps naturally, so you can simply discard the nest.

Try to remove wasp nest at night time

At night wasps are usually less aggressive and slow to react, so removing wasp’s nest at night would be productive.
When dealing with wasp nest at night, you should cover the light or avoid using torch light as wasps can react quickly to torch light. Trying to remove the wasp nest early in the morning can be a good option as morning light can be utilized.

Arrange an escape path

Once you use pesticide spray, wasps will attack you instantly so once must have an escape plan. You got to make sure your escape path is clear, so you can immediately cover yourself after affecting he nest.

Getting Help from an Exterminator

If wasp nest is hard to remove or found in hard-to reach areas it will be better to call local Exterminators to do the job.