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Do you need Raccoon (wildlife) removal/control? Professionals at Alpine Pest Control Ltd. offer affordable wildlife removal solutions. We are one of the highly trusted companies when it comes to removal of raccoons and their fellows, our professionals have great experience. We discover possible entry access points and seal those well to prevent future invasions. We serve entire lower mainland area.

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Due to flexibility and successful development in the city, Raccoon has become urban pest celebrity in Vancouver BC, this genius wildlife animal can go distance to discover safe and secure residence to rock and roll.

raccoon control vancouver

It is important to get rid of this animal as soon as possible because neglecting raccoon presence might turn into a bigger problem in future. Dumpster & garbage cans have been an excellent food resource for raccoons. Raccoon residing in a home may cause potential damage to the structure of a home by chewing ducts, tearing insulation pipes, droppings also irritate and carry different diseases. Most often raccoon find attic of a house, chimneys and trees as a favorite place to make den.

raccoon removal vancouver

When it comes to raccoon removal, Alpine Pest Control Ltd. can be called anytime for assistance which is one of the most reliable and effective resources to remove raccoon and eliminate their possible entry points. One of our certified pros will arrive at your home, conduct a comprehensive examination and provide you with a free assessment outlining the work essential to resolve the wildlife invasion.

The initial step is to locate the raccoon family and the process should be carefully conducted as mother raccoon can attack to guard young raccoons. Once the mother raccoon is captured then her babies can be collected. Next is to repair and secure entry hole(s). Covering entry points like pipes, chimneys are important to keep the wildlife out of home for long time.



raccoon control vancouver bc


Raccoons are strong, creative and capable of climbing from one place to another. They often keep exploring new places and food resources. Identifying raccoon is easy as they have ringed tail and typical black mask, approx. life span of 5-6 years, weighing (Average 1.8 to 2.7 kg). Female raccoons usually mate in the winter season and give birth to 3-5 litters in the spring season.

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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are known to carry several diseases that can affect people and pet, carnie dumpster can be extremely harmful for pets. It is also important raccoons should be trapped and removed carefully; this process must be done by experts as there are a lot of complexities with raccoon removal, Careless and improper removal might make things worse and raccoon might break into home. The team of professionals explores the entry points and remove baby raccoons & whole family property.

Raccoons can demolish almost all sort of enemy lines to obtain access to food service or hut. They love ripping roofs, facia board, soffit etc. These animals also search for worms & ruin the beauty of gardens and lawns. An attractive, fine looking lawn can be dithered into fragments by a raccoon.

To secure your home you should consider the following areas.


• Use heavy duty trash tins with locking covers
• Keep tree at distance from roof top
• Always cover chimneys
• Make sure holes in walls and roofs are well repaired
• Make sure garage & shed doors are close in the evenings & overnight