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Are you hearing creepy noises in your attic or garage? Chances are your home or building is infested by Squirrels. No doubt squirrels can damage your property especially wood materials, food stuff, carpets etc. and might cause electrical damage by chewing electrical wires.

squirrel control

People of Vancouver BC & nearby suburbs might find squirrels damaging their home & expensive assets. Alpine Pest Control Ltd offers efficient and long lasting squirrel control in Vancouver BC and surrounding areas.



squirrel control

Reliable Squirrel Control Treatments done by Alpine Pest control Ltd have satisfied many homeowners of Vancouver BC, Surrey, Richmond and entire lower mainland areas. We have successfully treated many Squirrel infestations throughout Vancouver.

squirrel control vancouver


Usually Squirrels make nests in the trees but often invade the buildings by chewing the vulnerable exterior in search of food and lodging. There are several places ideal for squirrel to start developing its nest like attic, chimneys, shed roofs and walls. If you are experiencing noisy activity especially near your attic, don’t just ignore! Get help from our expert technicians as ignoring squirrel invasion may cause extensive damage to the structure of building and damage to electrical wiring, cupboards, cloths etc.

The reproduction of squirrels differs depending on the specie, usually female give birth to litters by mating twice a year – late winter & late summer. Usually two litters are produced each season but this may vary as there are different types of species exists.
Squirrels control should be done by experts as trapping them can be difficult.

squirrels control vancouver bc


Alpine pest control’s highly trained professionals are reputed for quality squirrel removal from residential and commercial properties in Vancouver BC & nearby suburbs. At Alpine Pest Control skilled technicians will examine every part of your home and work place. Determining entrance and exclusion is important to cover access channels which prevents from squirrels and other pests like rodent from invading in future.

In a situation where finding squirrel exclusion is difficult, we setup one-way entry stations which let the squirrel(s) to depart but not re-enter. Often squirrel propagate in the spring and occasionally in the early fall or late summer.

Sealing all possible entry points is an essential part of our methodology, ensuring squirrels and rodents will stay out and are not coming again to party in your premises. Process consists of closing all possible access points from foundation to roof, making sure every part of building is secure from future invasion. You can also call us for clean-ups of influenced zone apart from squirrel elimination and deterrence.

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Controlling tree squirrel might be challenging. Discovering entry points is essential first step. After finding how squirrels are coming into the structure, their behaviors inside should be observed. Mostly, squirrels will hole under insulation to nest, so detection may not be easy. Squirrels can be tough to control. Our experience team is always available to help you.