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Pest Control in West Vancouver BC

One of the reliable Pest Control Services in West Vancouver BC

West Vancouver, BC is known for its lush green cover and its abundance of wildlife. But that also means dealing with pests. Looking for environment-friendly pest control services in West Vancouver, BC? Look no further! Alpine Pest Control Ltd can help you tackle the trouble of pests whether you’ve been invaded by an army of ants or have a gaze of raccoons roaming your lawn.
wildlife raccoon removal
Raccoon – Wildlife Removal

Raccoons find their way into urban settlements as they forage for food. These nocturnal creatures feed on fruits, nuts and water animals. Their favorite spaces are attics, roofs, chimneys, vents and crawl spaces.

Racoons are a trouble because of the structural damage they cause. The female racoon as she builds her nest has the strength to tear the shingles of your roof or bore holes into a wall. They gnaw at electric cabling and claw away at other objects. Racoons nesting in your home give rise to a foul smell emanating from their excrement. Raccoons also spread parasites such as salmonella and roundworm.

We provide effective wildlife control services to remove raccoons from your premises and keep them from coming back.

rodent control west Vancouver
Rodent – Mice/Rat Control

Do you hear strange sounds of someone running against your wall or across your attic in the dead silence of the night? You most likely need to check for a rat infestation in your home.

Rats and mice dig their teeth into almost everything – drywall, insulation, wires, cabling, clothing, books, containers and upholstery. Contact with their droppings especially in food storage areas could result in serious illnesses, some being fatal too. Rats and mice could also bring along ticks and fleas causing a secondary infection.

We offer effective rodent control services in West Vancouver. We can help you eliminate a rodent problem, irrespective of severity of the infestation.

bird control
Bird Control

Pigeons, magpies and seagulls choose the sheltered and warm recesses of a building to nest away. That could mean a huge mess of droppings splattered across floors, walls and other surfaces. The droppings cause significant structural damage too. To add, birds are a serious health hazard; they are known to spread over 60 infections and trigger allergies. Worse, if there is a nest with hatchlings, there is a possibility of attacks as well.

Our bird control services in West Vancouver BC can help by providing a long-term solution against bird menace for residential and commercial properties. This includes the installation of slides, spikes, netting or shock tracks to deter birds from nesting or roosting under building structures.

bed bugs control
Bedbug Heat treatment/Control

Bed bugs are tiny creatures, hard to spot. But the havoc they wreak is incomparable. A bed bug infestation can blow out of proportion in days.

Bed bugs thrive on the warm blood of the human or animal hosts they attach to. They hide under linings, seams and edges of mattresses and furniture units. They transfer easily through clothing and luggage. While bed bugs are not associated with the spread of a disease, their presence in your house is creepy and unhygienic. Bed bug bites cause skin irritation – swollen, itchy, red bumps.

Bed bug treatments at Alpine Pest Control Ltd cover an inspection of the treatment area, application of treatment methods as well as post-treatment inspection to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

ant control carpenter ants control
Ants Control

Ants may seem harmless to consider, yet some species have compelled homeowners to seek professional pest management assistance. Species such as carpenter ants, pavement ants and fire ants are the most destructive. They are also the most commonly found in West Vancouver, BC.

Ant colonies multiply within days. Not only this, species such as fire ants multiply faster when disturbed. A colony could include as few as 3000 ants to around 300,000 ants.

While carpenter ants tunnel and feed on wood, fire ants and the pavement ants choose to live outdoors. Colonies can easily be spotted given the upturned soil around it. They also harbor disease-causing agents and thus are potentially dangerous to health.

Trained pest control specialists at Alpine Pest Control Ltd, implement species-specific ant extermination service making the treatment highly effective.

silverfish control
Silverfish Control

Silverfish damage books, walls, cardboard boxes and storage units and fabric. While they nourish themselves with the cellulose present in these products, they can feed on almost everything.

The quick and stealthy movements of a silverfish make them hard to detect. Wooden homes generally face a serious issue of silverfish infestation and call for quick remediation. Our silverfish extermination solutions drive out these insects from the cracks and crevices where they build their nests giving you a permanent solution for a problem.

cockroach control

Cockroach/Roaches Control

A cockroach infestation is yet another homeowner’s nightmare.

Cockroaches enter your home in search of food. They nest in the warm and damp corners of a room growing rapidly in number. Cockroaches are filthy creatures; as carriers of bacteria they contaminate the food they come in contact with.

We provide a competitive cockroach control, whether it is your home or a food establishment. Our cockroach treatment methods including gels, powders and baits are completely safe for pets and children.

flea control

Flea Control

If you have pets at home, fleas and ticks are not new. These critters burrow themselves in your pet’s thick fur coat. Fleas are not season specific and so you may find yourself dealing with this nuisance year-round. They feed on the blood of animals as well as human hosts and thus increase the risk of disease transmission between hosts. Our services keep flea and tick populations in check.

wasp control Wasp nest removal Vancouver

Wasp nest Removal
A wasp or bee nest nearby home or office construction is a hassle which poses potential threat to you and your family. Eliminating Wasp nest is risky and not a DIY thing because this might turn them aggressive. Treating wasps takes profound skills and efficient strategy. If you are looking for affordable wasp nest removal in West Vancouver BC, Expertise of our vigilant Pros backed by state-of-the-art tools can save your from wasp bites and help you get rid of wasp nest safely.