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Pest Control in Richmond BC

One of the reliable Pest Control Services in Richmond BC

With a predominantly agrarian community, Richmond, British Columbia, is a beautiful island that boasts of a varied and beautiful natural landscape comprising parks, hiking trails and cycling routes. Irrespective of where you are, home and office maintenance is key. But no matter how well and how often you do it, there’s nothing that can make your premises foolproof. There are a great variety of pests lurking around from filthy cockroaches to nocturnal bed bugs to disease-harbouring rodents. These pest problems are seasonal and unique to their conditions. Fleas, earwigs, spiders and ants usually invade in the summer while beetles, rodents and ladybugs are common in the fall, as they forage for food and look for shelter and food resources. If you are looking for pest control in Richmond, British Columbia Alpine Pest Control Ltd. is a leading provider of affordable pest removal and control solutions in the area.

rodent control richmond bcrat & mice control richmond bc

Rodent (Mice & Rat) Control

Rats and mice are a nuisance to homeowners and businesses especially when they invade storage warehouses and restaurant owners .They hide in hard-to-reach areas including wall cracks and attics where they reproduce and multiply rapidly. Rodents must be exterminated as they spoil food items, carry and spread disease-causing bacteria. They are also known to cause damage to property by chewing furniture items and electrical wiring.

If you are having a hard time with rodents, rats and mice, we’ve got you covered. We use the latest, environment-friendly and safe (for family and pets) tools and techniques to do away with filthy rodents.

wildlife raccoon removal
Raccoon removal
Raccoons are known to cause serious structural damage to properties, destroy the beauty of lawns and harbor different diseases by developing an unhygienic environment. These animals usually invade homes while searching for food resources and shelters. Raccoon invasion can be spotted easily often during the night. Since getting rid of them on your own can be very difficult. We offer best affordable raccoon removal services in Richmond BC. Our pros can safely trap, remove raccoons from your premises and seal possible entry points to prevent future-invasions.
ants control carpenter ants removal
Ant control
Ants are troublemakers throughout the year creating a mess indoors as well as outdoors. Though there are many species of ants, the most commonly found ones in Canada are the Argentine ant, the pavement ant, the pharaoh ant, the black carpenter ant, the odorous house ant and the thief ant. Carpenter ants tunnel into wood and damage its structure. Our professionals carefully locate the nesting site and eliminate their colony. Call our experts for effective ant control in Richmond, BC.
bird control
Bird control
Not all pest control companies provide solutions to tackle birds because they do not consider them pests. However, if you’re hassled by pigeons messing up the place or lurking around your property nesting in roofs, you should opt for bird control and removal.

Some bird species such as pigeons and seagulls are a nuisance along with being carriers of pest-borne diseases. Our bird control solutions help get rid of pesky birds from your premises humanely. The use of bird spikes deter birds from settling. We offer quality, effective and low-cost options for bird control. We cover residential and commercial properties.

silverfish control

Silverfish Control
Silverfish have a voracious appetite. They feed on starch and cellulose in books, plaster and cardboard boxes. They thrive in wet and damp conditions such as attics, bathrooms, basements, sheds, garages and in the kitchen. Silverfish destruction can be largely damaging as they are undetected due to their small size.

Silverfish must be treated by experienced professionals since most DIY methods don’t seem to work and often the ready-to-use traps available in the market are designed for a unique type of species. If you are looking for effective silverfish control in Richmond, BC, just pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with our professionals who will assess the situation and help you eliminate a silverfish infestation from your premises. We also provide aftercare services to prevent future infestations.

cockroach control

Cockroach Control

These crawlers are the most common as well as the highest risk pest to have in your home. They cause allergies. Given that they contaminate foods and surfaces they could be the source of bacteria resulting in serious illnesses. If you have younger kids at home the dangers are even more.

You can always buy and use an off-the-shelf cockroach repellent, but the roaches soon develop resistance to it. A quick response in the form of a professional cockroach removal service could be the answer. At Alpine Pest Control Ltd. we do just that. We survey and treat your premises with innovative and safe extermination products.

bed bugs control
Bed bugs Heat treatments/Control
For homeowners, bed bugs are the most detested. They are very tiny and hide in the most unexpected areas. They multiply at a rapid rate and spread easily through clothes and belongings. While bed bugs do no not cause diseases, they cause an irritating itch and are unsightly. We have the latest equipment and the expertise to detect and eradicate stubborn bed bugs. We have been servicing the Richmond, BC area for years and have successfully treated bed bug infestations.
flea control
Flea Prevention/Control
Fleas can jump into a home or office premises, cause serious nuisance and spread diseases. Usually they come through wildlife animals and pets. These insects prey on blood meal and their bites leave itchy marks. Flea prevention is not easy and takes proactive approach If you are looking for affordable flea control in Richmond BC, in that time of need choosing our service can be your best decision.

wasp control  wasp nest removal richmond

Wasp Nest Removal
A wasp or bee nest near your home or office building is a hassle that poses a potential threat to you and your loved ones. Removing a Wasp nest is dangerous and definitely not something you can do yourself. Disturbing a nest may cause the wasps to feel threatened, in turn causing them to attack you. Treating wasps calls for a different set of skills and handling. Equipped with the right safety gear and products, our team helps exterminate wasps safely and saves you from nasty stings.