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Bird Control

Reliable birds spike installation in Vancouver BC

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Alpine Pest Control Ltd is your best bet to getting a resolution for all your bird issues. We can handle commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We have highly qualified technicians in scissor lift operation, boom, and fall protection. Our technicians are certified and trained by the relevant bodies to offer the best services.

To get your bird issue under control, you should only work with the best. We do the best and most effective birds spike installation, complete with a guarantee. We use stainless steel spikes for effectiveness and durability.

We can handle all sorts of structures, including office towers, state buildings, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

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Who needs bird control?
When birds are pests, they can be one of the greatest nuisances you may have to deal with. It does not matter where they are flocking. Having them in their numbers can be frustrating. We have the best netting and spiking installation to protect mechanical equipment.
Industrial bird control
At alpine pest control ltd, we offer industrial solutions. When you have a bird issue, it can be a great headache. You may have to deal with machinery damage and equipment. If the issue is not handled, you may have to deal with maintenance costs now and then, proving expensive. To handle this, we install netting exclusions at the industrial levels.
Residential bird control
We handle single-family homes and condos with bird issues. Different areas have different birds to deal with. We can install bird netting or spikes to assist you in this area. Bird spikes are installed using a wide ray of techniques and can be applied on many surfaces regardless of the structure or the surface. It may be on rooftops, signage, and even ledges.

The other thing we can do is to do bird netting installation. This can be customized to match the matter at hand. The netting may be installed in condo balconies, cellular equipment enclosures, and warehouse roofs. We can advise you according to your issue and ensure you get something that can help at the end of the day.

Bird wires may also be installed without affecting the aesthetics of your building while at the same time taking care of all sorts of issues in the future.

Why you should seek help from alpine pest control ltd in Vancouver BC
By tackling your bird issue, you manage to handle different things caused by such a problem. The very first thing is the elimination of food destruction. Others include:
• Preventing compromise of building strictures from acidic bird droppings
• Machinery damage prevention
• Creating a safe area where humans can work without having to worry about bird-related diseases
• to protect all sorts of warehouse equipment from potential damage

Important things to note
we are perfect at installing spikes, but you should know that spikes are not the ideal choice for small birds. The spikes are a good solution for pigeons up. For the smaller birds, it is not so ideal. That is why we first have to evaluate your issue and identify the birds you are dealing with before we give a solution.

Small birds usually perch on spikes or in between them like they would thorns, branches, or twigs. The spikes can even be used for nest building. We always install the spikes for purposes of deterring the larger birds. It is one of the most effective bird deterrent methods and one that we are perfect at.