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Pest Control in Burnaby BC

One of the reliable Pest Control Services in Burnaby BC

The Burnaby Community has become one of the most sought-after provinces in British Columbia be it for residences or businesses. It is home to unique neighbourhoods with their natural beauty. This world-class city also boasts of accommodating the best universities of British Columbia. With over 225,000 people living in Burnaby, people are always on the lookout for dependable home maintenance services. Pests, staying true to their name, are a menace. Pests such as bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, mice, ants, fleas and silverfish invade homes. The infestation must be checked in time to avoid damage. Pests not only cause structural damage but could also pose a serious health risk. They could be carriers of disease-causing bacteria that have the potential of turning fatal. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself pest control options, they are temporary. Besides, they are only surface treatments. That’s where Alpine Pest Control Ltd, a licensed and established pest control company can help you. The trained and experienced professionals comprising their team tackle the problem at the root, giving you a near permanent solution to the pet problem.

ant control carpenter ants removal

Carpenter Ant Control/ Ant removal

Uncovered bins and dirty dishes kept in the kitchen tend to attract ants foraging for food. Colonies of ants spell huge trouble. Though small in size, ants construct huge nests indoors as well as in gardens and on lawns. They nest in moist areas and crevices. They dig out the mud making existing cracks wider. Locating and eliminating an ant colony is not an easy job. Our experts are experts in handling a variety of ant species. Call us for effective ant control in Burnaby BC at reasonable rates.

wasps controlwasps nest removal Burnaby bc

Hornet and Wasps nest removal
Imagine being stung by a hornet or wasp while taking a picnic in the backyard or enjoying a party. An established wasp nest near a home poses a potential threat to you and your loved ones. Our professionals are trained to have the right kind of expertise required to remove a wasp nest safely. Whether you are a homeowner or a businessman looking for wasp and hornet nest removal in Burnaby BC, you can count on the exceptional skills of our experts.

rat and mice control rodent control Burnaby bc

Rodent- Mice Rat Control
Mice and rats are a common sighting in Burnaby, BC. A rat infestation at the workplace or a business establishment is unhygienic and unprofessional. We use eco-friendly baits and traps to rid your property of pesky, disease-causing rodents. The products we use are safe and effective. At Alpine Pest Control, Burnaby BC we offer affordable and ecological rat/mice control solutions while also sealing possible entry points to prevent future infestations.

bird control

Birds Control
Birds can be problematic because they are messy and loud. They poop around dirtying surfaces. We instal quality spikes to keep birds such as seagulls and pigeons away.
wildlife raccoon removal
Raccoon removal
Raccoons can cause serious structural damage, spoil food items, and spread diseases. Getting rid of raccoons is definitely not a DIY project and requires expertise. Our team of highly trained professionals offer affordable raccoon removal services in Burnaby, BC. We trap and remove racoons and seal possible entry points.

cockroach control

Cockroach Control
Cockroaches prowling your kitchen can be a major put off. They are a common sighting near kitchen sinks and bathroom drains due to moisture. Cockroaches easily find their way into your home or company through drain pipes, crevices, and cracks. Not only this, a quick reproduction cycle worsens the problems. Get in touch with us for an effective solution for cockroach control in Burnaby, BC.

bed bugs control

Bedbug control
Bed bugs are hard to spot thanks to their ability to stay hidden along seams of mattresses and edges of furniture, coming out mostly at night to feed on human blood. They reproduce and spread so fast that you’ll be dealing with a colony of bed bugs, with over thousands of members, even before you know it. Taking timely action is the only solution. As a trusted pest control company, we offer hassle-free and effective heat treatments for bed bugs. Don’t know if your home is infested with bed bugs? Call our experts for an inspection.
flea control
Flea Control/Prevention
If you have pets, your home is at a risk of flea infestations. These tiny pests hop around not just inflicting nuisance through bites but also spreading diseases. If you are looking for flea prevention/control in Burnaby BC, look no further! Our experts know all the ins and outs of flea prevention and offer top quality flea control for the indoors and outdoors.
silverfish control
Silverfish Control
Silverfish infestation can be found in storage boxes, kitchens, bathrooms and attics, since these insects love damp and dark places. Be sure to check old furniture and storage boxes as these items might bring silverfish. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner looking for effective silverfish control in Burnaby BC, the vast experience our professionals bring to the table can help you get rid of Silverfish.