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Residential Pest Control

Reliable Residential Pest Control
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If you think pest control services would be unnecessary for your perfectly cleaned house, then you are absolutely wrong. Even if your house is maintained daily, it can be a home to many infectious pests that are barely visible. Especially on sunny and humid days, insects remain on the go around the house. It is an impossible mission to scour every corner of your house, which is why pest control is brought to the light to serve this purpose. Alpine pest control Ltd offers customized solutions to all your problems related to the pest. We will recommend controlling the spread of pests in your location.

We have a team of specialists who have experience in providing residential pest control services for homes, duplexes, units, and condos in Vancouver. Whether you are living in a luxury villa or a apartment, our specialists will carry out operations to remove pests and stop them from multiplying in the future.


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Pests are also like parasites. They cause long-term damage to humans and materials for their survival. Pests may seem simple and harmless when you initially think of their existence. but the fact is that they tend to transmit many serious diseases, and hence, preventive measures must be taken to control the growth of pests in your house. 

Alpine pest control Ltd. will analyze your problem before carrying out the best pest control activity. We will conduct the most appropriate pest control services per your property assessment and the seriousness of your damage. If the infestation is large, we will make sure you have higher pest removal options if the preventive approach fails to do the job.



Our company provides the best pest control services to every residential owner in Vancouver for the following reasons.

Stop the spread of diseases.

Other than cleansing benefits, our pest control services will help protect your health from infections by eradicating pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, ticks, termites, fleas, beetles, etc.

Keeping your property safe

Some pests are known to cause structural damage to your home; they can break into literally anything like wood, plastic, fabric, and furniture. They can even slowly chew through walls and floors and cause damage to your building. Our company will take all the necessary steps to prevent the growth of dangerous insects and keep your surroundings safe.

Prevent contamination of food

Pests carry multiple diseases along with them, and if their feces or bites happen to fall on your food, you may pose yourself with the risk of acquiring diseases. We will offer effective pest control services to remove pests in your house and stop them from contaminating your food.

Remove pests using the most suitable method

Pesticides and insecticides are the most common forms of chemicals that are extensively used in controlling infestations. These substances are essential for controlling pest formation. Still, they are toxins that harm humans and the environment, and overuse of these substances might lead to health problems. Our specialists understand this fact; hence, they encourage and use eco-friendly methods to remove pests