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About the company

About us

One of the reliable pest control companies in Vancouver BC

We are one of the reliable pest control companies in Vancouver BC. We have been in the business since 2013, and have a team of qualified professionals to help you with issues related to pest infestations.
Professional team

Our team members have enough experience in industrial and residential pest management services. As an expert pest control company in this region, we always insist on using the latest technologies and tools to get rid of pests in your homes or offices, with due regard to the environment. We have been in the field of pest control for a long time; therefore, we know exactly what kind of tools to use to get rid of specific pests in your buildings.

Getting to the root of the issue

When you give us a call regarding your problem, we send our team to your place to investigate the issue. We don’t believe in providing you temporary quick fixes for your issues. Instead, we believe in acting on the root cause of the issue. So, we always target the entry areas of the pests, and seal them well, so that you don’t face infestations in the future.

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Training & Background checks

We take great pride in our integrity and ethics of operation. We provide professional training to all our employees to update them on the latest methods of pest infestations. This way, our team knows exactly what needs to be done when it conducts a survey of your place to check for damages from pest infestations.

Also, we are very particular about our hiring process. We always check the background history of our employees before inducting them into our team. We ensure that our employees don’t have any criminal record in the past, thereby keeping our customers safe at all times. We want to be sure that we only send the right people to your place to get rid of pests.

Quality control in place

Our clients are extremely happy with our high quality of pest control services, because we always strive to deliver the best services for them. The tools and technologies we use have passed rigorous quality checks. So, you can rest assured that you have entrusted the work of pest control services to safe hands. We provide customized services to our clients, because we know that no two buildings are alike. We assess your building carefully and check for all the entry/exit points of the pests, before implementing tailor-made solutions for you.


We believe in transparency and trust. When you call us for pest control services in your building, we provide you with a quote after assessing your building thoroughly. We give you a bill with the complete breakdown of the work that we undertake in your building. After our work is complete, you have to pay only the amount on the bill and nothing else. We don’t surprise you by quoting additional/hidden charges after delivering our work. Call us right now to enjoy high-quality & professional pest control services at a reasonable cost.