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Flea Control

Effective Flea Control Services in Vancouver BC

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Flea invasion can get bad. They get into the house by riding on pets. It is common to find the bugs in the fur of your pets. The pets can be infested outdoors, and the issue can easily be transferred to your indoors.

Fleas can infest the home very fast, and when they are within, it becomes a little hard to eliminate them. They carry diseases, which is one of the main reasons they need to be eliminated sooner than later. The best thing is that we are professionals, and we can handle the extermination of fleas. Alpine Pest Control LTD has been around for a while, and we are conversant with the various things needed to handle all sorts of pests.

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Can we deal with fleas in the backyard and within the home?

The answer to this question is yes. We can handle infestations that are outdoors and those within the home. While most people mainly handle indoor and pest infestations first, there is a great need to handle the outdoor areas. This is very important. 


If the outdoors of your home has enclosures, crawl spaces, and some shaded areas, it is important to do the whole extermination that includes those areas. This is because there could be stray or wild animals that may have slept in those sheltered places even for a night, and they could cause a full-blown infestation. 

The extermination processes
When you call us, we will visit your home, and the first thing that we always do is a thorough assessment. Before we offer our services; we always need to know what we are dealing with. This helps us determine the best treatment plan based on the personal circumstances you are in at the moment.

After determining how bad the infestation is, we offer you different options that could help deal with the matter. We can recommend either chemical treatment or heat treatment. In chemical treatment, we use flea control products created using pesticides. These can be applied as foggers or spray. In this way, the product is dispersed in the form of a mist that then settles on the areas of the exposed house. This residue remains intact for a couple of weeks. This is enough time to remove the larvae and the adult fleas. The chemicals usually have insect growth regulators and adulticides.

Using residual chemical treatment, active fleas are exterminated on the first day. This does not affect the flea eggs. However, the effects of the chemical last for a decent duration and therefore kills any fleas that hatch in the coming days or weeks.

As for heat treatment, it is a popular option that we can consider. This is a chemical-free process, and it is nontoxic and mess-free. This is why some people prefer this method. Typically, the area is heated to 50 degrees C for a long time. This handles the eggs and the adult insects. The main reason people prefer the method is how instant it is compared to chemicals. This option is ideal for cases where you deal with a small area of specific areas. However, it is not a perfect option for handling an entire yard or house.

how much extermination cost depends on the area being treated and the infestation intensity? Call alpine pest control limited for a better breakdown.