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Carpenter Ants control

Carpenter Ants control solutions from Alpine Pest Control Ltd in Vancouver BC

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climate is wet. It helps find a good company to handle such an infestation before things go completely out of hand. It is much easier for the ants to feel at home in structures in wet climates. These ants don’t require rotting houses falling to make a home.

Spotting carpenter ants

It is not hard to spot these ants in homes. The insects cause structural damage, and you cannot miss them because of the black color. One of the challenges posed during spotting and identifying the carpenter ants is that the best is usually situated in a structure’s exterior wall. This means you may not see any sign when you are within the home. It takes a trained eye to inspect and locate these ants. Alpine pest control is the best and offers the best inspections and quotes for commercial and residential structures in Vancouver BC.

carpenter ant control vancouver
Vancouver carpenter ant removal

The sawdust-like material is referred to as frass, and it is one of the clear indications of carpenter ants or termites. If you ever see sawdust bits on cobwebs, especially outside the house or even on concrete, it could indicate that your home is being indeed by the ants and sometimes termites. If you do not handle the infestation. The damage gets worse, which could compromise the structural integrity of the affected stricture.

How to remove the carpenter ants

When you are treating these ants, you have to take proper care. The best products require expertise and a licensed technician in the application. This is the reason why you should leave it to the professionals. Alpine Pest Control Ltd can assist you in dealing with an infestation and ensure things are back to normal within the shortest time possible.

Preventing an invasion
We have all heard the saying that prevention is better than cure. It is always better to avoid damage before it even starts instead of dealing with the aftermath of an invasion. It is important to ensure that your home remains in the best condition and that repairs are done in good time. You should protect your home from moisture which leads to wood rotting. In wet areas, this is a great challenge.

One of the things you should note is that the ants don’t start attacking dry wood. However, they set up nests in the dry wood or Styrofoam insulation. It is always best to reduce moisture damage opportunities as much as possible.

The other thing is to make sure that gutters are regularly cleaned out. This ensures that overflow is prevented by all means possible.

It is important to ensure that a home’s wood siding does not touch moist earth. This ensures that everything remains as dry as possible. Also, if you need to use firewood in your home, don’t pile it close to the house. Tree branches should also be trimmed so as not to touch the building.

If there are logs or stumps near the building, they should be immediately removed. The area should then be checked for any rotting issues.

Plumping leaks are also supposed to be repaired as soon as they arise. This eliminates water damage that could eventually lead to an infestation.

By working with Alpine Pest Control Ltd, you can ensure that all areas will be checked and a solution given.