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Sowbug Control

Affordable Sowbug Removal Services in Vancouver BC

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Sowbugs and pillbugs are indoor pets that happen occasionally. These creatures are very tiny and cannot be categorized as insects or bugs. They are crustaceans that are close relatives to crayfish. These two are identical in terms of behavior, but they are from different species. Their rounded exoskeletons land them in the same family.

When they are outdoors, the creatures are harmless. However, when they enter our households, they become pests. These creatures eat wood materials that are decaying. Often, you will find them outdoors, and they are very important for breaking down wood material when it is already dead. If a forest does not have these creatures, the fallen trees and branches would be overwhelming. Breaking down the deadwood is beneficial to the soil and the environment.

Sowbug control Vancouver
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Why you would need alpine pest removal ltd to help with sowbugs
These creatures can become a big issue, especially for homeowners, if they get into our homes and start feeding on paper, rotting wood, and decaying plant materials. If something within the home strays to rot, the creatures will feed on that. If you have old newspapers lying around on damp floors, the species will find their way there and feed on that.

In the true sense, the pests are harmless, so you need to get rid of moisture and the decaying materials to remove them. Most people fear the creatures because of the way they look, and many assume that there is a great risk.

Dealing with sowbugs in homes
We can help you deal with the infestation of sowbugs if they have invaded your home. However, it is important to note that they’re in there because you have created an environment conducive to them. The best way to remove any decaying matter from your home, especially the plant and wood-based ones. If you get rid of these things, the pests will disappear.

You can also find the creatures in structural franking, especially when there is decay. This can include wooden door thresholds or even wall sill plates. You can remove and replace any damaged wood in your home to remove the pests.

The other thing to address is moisture. You need to get rid of things that hold moisture. Sowbugs need moisture to thrive. Usually, they will die in a few days if the moisture is eliminated. Getting most areas cleaned up and dried is an effective method to help you deal with the issue at hand.

Calling in the experts 
If you have a sowbug problem, contact Alpine Pest Control Ltd. While we have noted that these pests are not harmful to humans, they can be intimidating and may not be easy for everyone to handle. While you may think of using chemicals to eliminate them, it is not always to do so if you are not a professional.

Calling us means we will evaluate the seriousness of the matter, and we will give you the most logical solutions to get sanity back in your home. We are the best to guide you on how things should be handled and what you should do to avoid a recurrence of the same in the future.