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Wasp Control

Reliable Wasp & Hornet Control in Vancouver BC

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Wasps and hornets are some of the pests that you have to stay as far as possible. They can cause painful stings. If you are already allergic to insect venom, wasp stings can lead to more serious health complications. Yes, wasps are indeed useful, as they eat the other insects that try to disturb you. However, you have to get rid of them as quickly as you can, if you want to save yourself from their stings.

Wasps – Basic information that you need to know about them

Though there are many different species of wasps, only some of them are common trouble mongers in residential or commercial buildings. They are paper wasps, Polistes wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and mud daubers. Most of these wasps are commonly found nesting in isolated and remote areas, making it difficult for you to find them.

Some preventive measures you can try to control wasps

Always try to locate wasp nets during the early summers, as this is when the queen bee starts developing the colony. The nests are very small at this time. Also, look for these nests at night, because wasps are not very busy during that time.

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Assess the location of the wasp nest. Are they away from your homes? If yes, we recommend you leave the nests without disturbing them. Wasps don’t cause any problems to humans, until they are disturbed. However, if you see these nests close to your homes, you have to get rid of them to protect yourself from the painful stings of these insects.

When you notice wasp nests in hard-to-locate areas (like under the attic, behind the walls, etc.), you definitely need professional help clearing them. When trying to implement DIY methods to get rid of wasps, you should never use repellents, sprays or other insecticides on your own. These could contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your health.

When you notice wasps moving in and out of your homes through tiny holes or crevices in the walls, please contact us immediately without further delay.


Professional help is important

As we are a professional pest control company in Vancouver, we use advanced tools and eco-friendly extermination procedures to eliminate wasps and hornets. When we get a call from you for wasp control services, we send a trained team to assess your place. The key factor in this process is identifying all the nesting areas of the wasps and eliminating the insects accordingly. We understand that identifying these remote nesting areas can be a considerable challenge. So, we ensure that we send only a professional team, which has been specifically trained to exterminate wasps, to your place.

Different species of wasps require different control measures to get rid of their infestations. A professional pest control company is equipped with the right tools & techniques for this job. DIY methods may work at times, but mostly, they are not successful in keeping wasps away permanently. So trying out different techniques is going to cost you a lot of effort and time. To avoid all of this, give us a call right away, and we will send a professional technician to your place to assess the infestations, and advise you of control measures accordingly.