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Rodent Control

Reliable Rodent Control Services in Vancouver BC

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Rodents, mice and rats are some of the most common pests you would in the Vancouver region. When you spot rats in your home or office building, you tend to freak out in the first place. However, getting into panic mode will not help you at all. Apart from damaging the items in your building, rats can also contaminate food items, thereby causing diseases. So, it is important to get rid of them thoroughly and ensure that you take all the preventive measures possible to get rid of rodent infestations.

Why call us for rodent control?

We, one of the experienced pest control companies in Vancouver, have helped many clients get rid of rodents from their residential or commercial buildings. When you spot rodents in your building, all you need to do is call us on this number. We are available for our clients 24/7. When we get a call from you, we send a professional team to assess your building and inspect the infestations. Call us to get a free inspection of your building right now.

We have separate teams for residential and industrial rodent control measures, as we understand that the techniques adopted are different for these types of buildings. After getting rid of rodents in your building, we also offer you a contract to visit your building regularly (once in 3 or 6 months) to monitor rodent infestations.

Rodent Control Vancouver BC
Mice & Rat Removal Vancouver BC

Rodent Control Measures we provide

All our rodent-control services are free from poison and other toxic chemicals. Our techniques are safe for pets, kids and the elderly in your building. We don’t use any rodenticides, and our rodent control techniques are scientifically tested and proved. Some of the techniques we adopt for keeping rodents at bay are:

– Baiting and monitoring rodent infestations in homes and offices (areas of walls, attic, gardens, warehouses, and more are given more importance)

– Advanced rodent repellent systems that don’t involve any toxins or chemicals (we also use glue boards and snap traps)

– Eco-friendly rodent control measures to get rid of rodents without killing them

How much do we charge for Rodent Control Measures?

When you spot rodent infestations in your home, you can call us on the given number to get a free inspection service. We will provide you with a reasonable quote after assessing your building.

Many factors can affect the cost of rodent control. These factors include the severity of the infestations, size of the building, nature of the building, number of entry points that need sealing and the geographical area that you live in.

How to prevent rodents from entering your building?

Once we have cleaned your building of rodent infestations, you must take care of some basic preventive measures to keep them away from your building. These measures include sealing all entry points of rodents, keeping trash cans closed, proper maintenance of pipes and keeping crevices on walls/ windows closed.

If you are looking for expert rodent control measures in your building, call us right now for a free inspection and estimation.