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Squirrel Control

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Vancouver BC

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Alpine Pest Control ltd handles professional squirrel control humanely and safely. Some regulations are set in different locations, and we are aware of them. We are certified and licensed to handle removals while adhering to the law.
It is always better to prevent the same when it comes to squirrel issues. You can consider wire mesh installations or metal flashing to seal off any entry points that the squirrels could use to access your home.
Handling removal
We have well-trained technicians at Alpine Pest Control ltd to handle squirrel issues. We do thorough inspections around the home, including areas such as the attic and all your business or home exteriors.
squirrel removal vancouver

One of the things we do is ensure that all entry points are excluded and sealed. This is the only way to ensure that rodents such as squirrels cannot get into your home again. Before the entry points are sealed off completely, we have to ensure that there are no squirrels within. It is a nasty thing to seal in a squirrel. Depending on the task at hand, we can install a door that is one way. This allows the squirrels to leave the areas we want sealed out without making it possible for them to return. After they have exited the premises completely, we can seal off all points in subsequent visits.

You may be dealing with more than just one squirrel in an area like the attic. We understand the breeding habits of squirrels, and we can determine if this is the case in your home. You should contact us and let us help you with the removal.

Dealing with squirrels outside
When you don’t have squirrels in your attic or your basement, they may be outside the home. In most cases, they don’t pose a problem. The nuisance usually starts once they get into the living space. However, this does not say that the outdoor squirrels are not problematic.

If you have a bird feeder in your home, then the squirrels could disrupt this area. Because of this, you need to place the feeders within areas where the squirrels cannot reach or access them. They should be far from the hanging branches and shrubs. If the feeder is mounted on metal poles, ensure it is about six feet high. Consider attaching a cone-shaped baffle that makes it impossible for the rodents to reach. It is not wise to hang the feeders because squirrels are smart enough and will still get to the food.

There are other instances when the population of squirrels in your outdoor space becomes too much and unmanageable. In such a case, you should remove the squirrels. We can help you in this case. We are experts in trapping the rodents and then transferring them to better areas where they will not interfere with human activities.

Getting help from Alpine Pest Control Ltd in Vancouver BC and nearby areas 
Instead of dealing with a squirrel problem on your own, you should call us and let us handle it professionally for you. We are well equipped with the right tools to manage the removal of these rodents.

We are the best in removing squirrels and ensuring safety on both ends. We know what is legal and what is not, and we will not use any poison that could harm you, your pets, your environment, or the squirrels. We handle everything professionally to help you restore sanity in your space.