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Raccoon removal

Best Wildlife Raccoon removal in Vancouver BC

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The wild is their natural habitat, and while there, they are not much of a problem. However, the issue arises when they come to invade the human homes. These animals carry a disease called canine distemper. They pose a big threat to dogs, especially if they are not vaccinated. They can also transmit rabies which affects animals and humans.

The feces of raccoons may have Baylis Ascaris porcinis eggs. This is a ring warm that can harm humans. It is not easy to remove the raccoons and the fecal matter they leave behind. You should contact us at Alpine Pest Control Ltd to do an efficient job. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle all sorts of invasions from your home.

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Getting rid of raccoons
We understand the laws surrounding raccoons. The raccoons are state law protected because they fall under furbearers in many cases. If you want to hunt or trap them, you need a permit or license. Because of the laws in place, you should know that killing a raccoon legally differs from one state to the next. We are aware of this and have the right paperwork to carry out the removal.

Raccoons are nuisance animals. To get rid of them permanently, you should avoid things that attract them in the first place. First, you should remove all food sources and ensure that the environment does not favor them. Doing so encourages the raccoons to move on if they ever enter your property.

Safety tips

The first and most important thing that people should do is not leave any pet food outdoors. This pet food is one of the greatest raccoon attractions. Give your pets enough for them to feed and finish. If anything is leftover, remove it. It is also wise to place the feeders in well-enclosed areas, like the barn, the garage, or the porch. Any garbage bags should be left within the garage or entryway to limit the kind of access the animals get should they access your home. 

It is also a good idea to use metal cans for garbage storage. You can also run a strap, soft wire, or rope through the garbage can lid and then attach that to the handles of the garbage can. Doing this makes it very hard for the animals to remove the lids. You can also try changing the cans a distance above the ground. Racks can also be used to ensure that the cans remain upright.

It is also good to use an electric fence around the gardens. This fence should be set before the vegetables are harvested.

If raccoons are finding their way into the porch, attic, or other parts of the home, you need to fund the openings they are using and then block them. You also have to use a temporary cover when the raccoons leave searching for food at night. A permanent seal should be installed after. It is important to ensure there are no animals before completely sealing an opening.

Why you should contact Alpine Pest Control Ltd.
We are the best at the removal of raccoons. We can set traps and relocate them to a safe location. We also guide you and help you raccoon-proof your home and ensure that no more animals are left in your home. We also help with the disinfection process and remove all fecal matter left behind.