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Termites Control

Reliable Termites Control Services in Vancouver BC

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Termite can be detractive and can devalue properties up to 25 percent. Termite attacks can happen to anyone. The secret is to tackle the issue as it arises to avoid too much destruction to your property. If you find termites on your property, call us immediately to help restore safety and comfort sooner than later. We have different termite treatment plans that are created in a way that meets specific needs.

When there is a termite colony, you should expect consumption of around 5g of wood every single day. If this continues each day without being checked, the damage becomes even worse, and you could face some serious structural damage issues that could cost a lot to tackle.

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Termite inspections
You need to take care of your property in the best way possible. This involves doing annual home inspections to guarantee that there are no attacks. Detecting pest activity early is one of the best ways of ensuring that the issue is handled in good time. It is also the best way of avoiding termite damage on a large scale that could require very expensive repairs.

With inspection, we can access the conditions of your property and advice you on how best to make the area less susceptible to any attack on the timber. We can give you some good suggestions that reduce the possibility of attacks.

It is important to handle this inspection and let us. The professionals help you out in this. We use the knowledge we acquired during training and in the field to tackle the issues as they arise. With the best solution, long-term damage is avoided.

Effective control

Allowing Alpine Pest Control Ltd to handle all your termite issues is the best thing you can do. We are the best at handling very effective termite control in Vancouver BC. When termites pose an issue on your property, you should contact us immediately.

Working with us is one other best thing that you can do. We can assist you in deciding the best course of action in handling your unique situation. By understanding the intensity of the termite invasion, we can give you lasting solutions not just for the moment but also for the days to come.

We have different treatment solutions that have to be done professionally. Chemical barriers in the soil, around the building’s foundation, or beneath the flooring is ideal. If you are in an area that is prone to these attacks, you should consider pre-construction treatment, where we treat the soil even before the new building is set up. This is the best preventative solution.

Getting rid of the termites in Vancouver BC
Most people will attempt to handle a termite invasion by themselves by applying DIY options. While this could work, there is nothing better than calling in the professionals from Alpine Pest Control Ltd. We first start with a very comprehensive inspection of your home. Before we start with eliminating the termites, we first ensure that we understand how bad the invasion is. We don’t handle only that which is visible. We always go deeper than that. You are guaranteed the best and most lasting results at the end of the day.