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Educational Institutes

Pest Control for Educational Institutions

The primary responsibility of all educational institutions is to provide complete safety to their staff and students. We completely understand this, as we provide best possible pest control solutions in all the areas of educational institutions that are prone to pest infestations.

Canteens, school libraries, store rooms and halls are some places where nesting and food accumulation can take place. So, these are prime-focus areas, when providing pest control services in educational institutions.

We offer integrated pest management to all types of educational institutions like daycare, preschools, high schools, colleges, universities and more. Our team of professional pest control experts have a lot of experience in handling pests of various types in schools and educational institutions. We follow industry-standard pest control measures and chemicals while keeping pests at bay, as we care about our clients, and their safety. All our technicians are qualified in using various tools and techniques to control pests in educational institutions of all sizes.

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Our pest control plan for educational institutions is as follows:

  • Implementing public health control measures in line with industry standards to keep the surroundings safe
  • Prioritizing student safety and creating healthy & safe classroom space for them
  • Providing ample training and awareness sessions to students and teachers to help them make their campus pest-free
  • Identifying pests exclusive to educational institutions and conducting thorough and regular surveys on areas that are prone to pests
  • Using safe and non-toxic pest control solutions to keep educational institutions safe and hygienic for all

We always believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to controlling pests at schools and other related institutions. We focus more on preventive measures such as the following on these campuses.

  • Maintenance of the premises of the educational institutions by sealing all the entry and exit points of pest-prone areas
  • Checking the canteens and bathrooms extensively for leakages and other issues, if any
  • Conducting thorough cleaning of dining areas after every meal to ensure that food items are not strewn across the floors or tables; pests are quite attracted to open food items lying around
  • Ensuring that the school’s outdoor areas are free from overgrown bushes,, shrubs, trees and weeds; overgrowth of vegetation is one of the main reasons for pests entering a building
  • Checking the drainage lines of the schools to check for breakages, leakages or other problems, if any
  • Conducting training sessions for students and teachers to help them identify pest infestation symptoms, if any
  • Training them on the basic corrective measures to get rid of pests so that they can get the problem under control quickly before calling us for professional guidance
  • Teaching students not to panic in case of pest infestations by teaching them the preventive measures

Through all of these measures, we strive to keep the premises of educational institutions clean and healthy. We understand that a clean & safe campus also plays a huge role in your reputation. So, we provide complete pest control services to keep campuses clean, hygienic and green.