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Food Processing and Restaurants

Pest Control for Food Processing units and Restaurants

Pest control in the food processing industry is of paramount importance due to the health risks involved in the field. As a restaurant owner, you cannot afford to have pests running around on your premises. We understand that seeing pests in restaurants can put off people from entering them. We offer a complete pest control solution for hotels, restaurants and all food processing establishments to ensure you keep up your business and reputation at all times.

In today’s social media-savvy world, we understand that reputation is everything to our clients. When a customer finds a small pest in your pub, he would definitely post it on social media alerting others of the same. The negative word-of-mouth advertising would do you more harm than good, as customers will stop visiting your place, thereby sending your business spiraling downward.

Moreover, pests in areas where food is prepared and stored, are usually carriers of severe diseases like Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis. Some of the pests for which we provide effective and customized control solutions in restaurants. When you spot pest infestation symptoms in your restaurant, you can call us right away.


pest control for food processing units

Our team of trained and qualified experts will inspect your establishment as quickly as possible. They will provide you with tailor-made pest control solutions to suit your requirements and establishment. We also visit your premises at regular intervals to keep track of our pest control procedures, and undertake preventive measures, if needed.

Our pest control methodology

We offer you practical and affordable integrated pest control solutions for all types of pests you may face problems with. Our pest control methodology is based on the following principles:

  • Preventing the entry of all pests and insects into the buildings by sealing -cracks and crevices
  • Preventing the pests from spreading on the premises and causing further damage –
  • Keeping track of the protective measures that we establish at the time of visiting your premises and checking if they continue to work at regular intervals
  • Implementing non-toxic, effective and innovative pest control solutions for all types of pests in your restaurants, hotels, pubs and other establishments

Since rats and rodents are the most common pests found in hotels and restaurants, we provide the following solutions for you with respect to controlling infestations from rats.

Closing the entry points of rats & mice – We seal all the entry points and check for cracks. We try to keep the number of rats inside the premises under check, so that controlling them becomes easier.

Using Eco-friendly Methods to remove the problem – Since we have enough experience in this field, we know that Norway rats and Roof rats are the most common types of species among others that infest eateries. We use eco-friendly methods to remove the problem effectively according to the unique situation.