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Healthcare Industry

Pest Control for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry needs to be protected from pests at all costs, as people’s lives are at stake here. We ensure that we provide top-class, innovative and effective pest control solutions for establishments in the healthcare industry (hospitals, clinics, care homes and more) as quickly as we can to protect the reputation of our clients and save the lives of people working in these establishments.

We understand that the healthcare industry is more prone to pest infestations than other industries due to the materials used here. So, we provide extensive and integrated pest control services that are toxin-free, disruption-free and safe for our clients, medical supplies used on the premises and the other functionalities in the hospitals.

When pests contaminate electrical supplies, medical equipment, sanitation equipment, or other healthcare facilities, it can lead to widespread contamination, causing unnecessary complications for patients and professionals working in the hospitals. 


We understand this very well. We are mindful of the fact that these contaminations can lead to loss of business reputation, complaints from customers, canceling of the license of operation and other issues for the healthcare establishments. So, we provide effective solutions to help the healthcare industries in the early identification of pest infestations, implementing preventive measures and doing all steps necessary to keep up their reputation.

Pest control methodology for the healthcare industry

In order to keep hospitals safe and hygienic for all the concerned parties, we devise customized solutions for our clients. However, all our customized solutions are based on the following methodology:

  • Providing innovative, eco-friendly, efficient and scientific pest control solutions to keep the establishment and its people safe at all times
  • Scientifically proven procedures compliant with all necessary audits and standards to ensure that the hospital’s credibility and productivity don’t come down
  • Exhaustive experience in providing customized pest control solutions to different types and sizes allows us to comprehend the problems earlier than others, thereby helping you proactively to keep pests at bay
  • End to end pest control solutions provided, including reliable and emergency response measures, biology experts surveying your establishments to understand more about the infestations and any other pest control service that you require for the safety and cleanliness of your establishment

Common Pests problems that the healthcare industry might face:

  • Bedbugs

Cases of bedbug infestations in the healthcare industry are continuously on the rise in the recent past. These are very small, and can easily enter the patients’ rooms. They live in the mattress, crevices of walls, furniture and more.

  • Flies

Trash disposal should be done properly and efficiently in healthcare establishments. This is because trash attracts flies in large numbers. When the flies move from one place to another, they carry traces of serious disease-causing germs in them.

  • Cockroaches

The drains, basins, canteens, kitchens, garbage disposal areas and other dark & moist areas of the hospitals should be checked regularly, as cockroaches are frequent visitors here. Identifying these pests early is very important, as they can multiply quickly, causing many diseases.

Apart from these pests, you can also find lots of ants and rodents in healthcare establishments. Our team checks all the remote areas of the building, as we have enough experience in finding out the hiding spots of these pests and controlling their infestations.