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Pest Control in New Westminster BC

One of the reliable Pest Control Services in New Westminster BC

New Westminster BC is one of the oldest cities of British Colombia with a traditionally and historically rich community. Alpine Pest Control Ltd, takes great pride serving this community with ecological and affordable pest control solutions. We treat variety of pests includes but not limited to rodent, mice, bed bugs and wildlife animal removal. Pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and wildlife animals like raccoons, moles can take away your peace of mind, as one of the licensed and established pest control company, our experts do their best to bring your peace of mind back by eliminating pest infestations, conducting pest monitoring and implementing prevention mechanism. All our professionals are highly trained and fully certified to handle any pets control issue in a safe and effective way. We follow eco-friendly practices to ensure your personal safety, safety of the environment, your loved ones and pets.
rodent control New Westminster rat and mice control New Westminster BC
Rodent – Mice Rat Control

Rats and mice might cause serious hassle to the Residents of New Westminster since these pests can likely consume any kind of spoiled food materials, harbor and spread several diseases in addition to causing physical structural damage to your property. Our Professionals have excellent expertise to help you get rid of rodent in an efficient way.

ant control
Ant control

Looking for affordable ant control in New Westminster? We offer eco-friendly ant control service in New Westminster BC. Being one of the ancient species on this planet, ants have over thousands of species. Some of these types also cause structural damage and can become a serious trouble at home and workplace once these tiny insects establish their colonies. Carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and variety of other ant species invade homes and offices in New Westminster. Since eliminating ant colony is tricky why not leave it to the experts at Alpine pest control Ltd.

wasps control New Westminster wasps nest removal New Westminster BC

Hornet and Wasp nest removal

Ignored wasp nest near a building might turn into a serious trouble especially once these insects are provoked and start stinging. Wasps usually prey on spoil food materials, beverages and garbage. A wasp or hornet nest near home or office poses potential threat to you and your loved ones, our pros can remove it safely, we offer fast and efficient wasp nest removal service in New Westminster.

bird control

Bird control

Experience affordable and reliable bird exclusion service New Westminster has to offer! Singing Birds add a charm to the nature but can be annoying if they start pooping near an office building or residential premises regularly. We use reliable bird exclusion products to keep birds away from your premises.

raccoon removal
Raccoon – Wildlife Removal

Wildlife animal raccoons can destroy the beauty of your lawn by damaging turf and chewing plants. Additionally, they damage building structure, utilize garbage and food bins as a food resource, harbor and spread many diseases. We offer raccoon/wildlife removal in New Westminster BC at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of service. Our experts can safely remove raccoons from your premises by spotting their dens, capturing, monitoring and sealing possible entry points.

bed bugs control
Bedbug control

These small insects prey on human blood and any warm-blooded animal. Using their saliva these insects go undetected while traveling on a human body. Usually found in the bedroom mattresses, furniture, electric boards, cervices & cracks. Spotting a bedbug infestation is difficult to a naked eye. If you suspect you have bedbugs in your house, you can call our Professionals for a free inspection. Our Experts are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help you better. Book a free consultation anytime for Bedbug control in New Westminster.