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Pest Control for Retail Shops

Pest Control for Retail Shops

Managing pests in retail outlets and shops requires the protection of foods and non-food items. We know that regardless of the nature of your business, pests can cause a lot of damage to your establishment, goods, employees and customers. Pests are often known to frequent places where food items, packets and other boxes are stored. So, a retail outlet is definitely prone to infestations from many types of pests.

Some of the common types of pests you will find in retail shops are rodents, cockroaches, fleas, moths, flies and more. We have been providing one of the best pest management services for all kinds of establishments, including retail outlets. When we inspect your shop for pests, we undertake a thorough survey of the place to give you customized solutions to control the infestations. We also inspect your place at regular intervals to check the progress, and prevent pests from entering your outlets.


We understand that all retailers have to abide by certain laws relating to keeping their premises safe and hygienic. Pest infestations in retail outlets can not only cause disturbances to your business and customers, but they can also hamper your reputation. When there are quite a few pests in your outlet, you may get a warning from the health & safety department of your locality.

 Common pests found in retail outlets

We have many years of experience in controlling and preventing pests usually found in retail outlets. These include:

  • Rodents

Rodents and mice can cause a lot of problems for retail outlets. We check your outlet thoroughly for broken wires. Rats not only contaminate food products and break open packets, but they also chew on the wires, which can cause potential fire hazards. Rats love to frequent places where food materials, cardboard boxes, warmth etc. are found in plenty.

  • Moths

Moths love to eat natural fibers. So, if you are in the textile business, you should be careful of protecting your stock from moth infestations. We help you do that by providing affordable and innovative pest control solutions to keep moths at bay.

  • Birds

Droppings of pigeons at the entrance of your retail outlet can make your shop look shabby. Also, the excreta of birds like pigeons, bats and other seabirds can accumulate on the roofs of your shop, causing water drainage and leakage issues. When you choose us for getting rid of pests in your retail shops, we know where we need to check exactly to know what type of pests we are dealing with. This will make your job easier than you ever thought.

  • Flour weevils

If you have many food items stored in boxes or bags in your shop, you will have to deal with specific insects like flour weevils, biscuit beetles, grain weevils and more. We help you spot these infestations early so that you can protect your stock and your business.

  • Bees, wasps and others

Bees, wasps, flies, fleas, ants, cockroaches, silverfish and other insects are some of the other pests that we help you protect your retail outlets from. Bees, especially, can cause havoc to your shop in the summer. We help you conduct regular checks in your shop and stay free from these.