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Warehouse Pest Control

Pests control in warehouses is slightly different from that of pest control in houses and commercial buildings. We understand this, as we have been getting too many complaints about certain specific pests in our customers’ warehouses.

As a professional pest control company with enough experience in handling different kinds of pests, we provide you with holistic solutions like the following:

  • Identifying the problem-prone areas in your warehouse, and suggesting measures to keep these areas free from pests
  • Controlling the pests in a particular area, and implementing preventive measures for further entry of these pests
  • Providing awareness sessions to the staff employed at the warehouse about identifying pests and informing them of measures to keep these at bay
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Pests common to warehouses

The pests that you will most commonly find in warehouses but not in your homes are:

  • Common Beetles

As a warehouse owner, you might usually ignore a brown or black beetle when you spot one on the floor. However, you should never do this mistake, as these beetles are known to enjoy feasting on dry foods stored in the warehouse. If you leave items like food grains, flour, cereals and nuts unprotected in the warehouse, you will notice infestations of many types of beetles like cigarette beetles, flour beetles, drugstore beetles and more.

  • Spider Beetles

These look like tiny spiders, but they are far more dangerous than those insects. The spider beetles can ingest food particles and bacteria. They can contaminate foods stored in warehouses easily because of this.

  • Maize Weevils and other related insects

Maize weevils and other granary insects are common sightings in warehouses where agricultural foods and crops are stored. These feed on crops, and also lay eggs in the seeds of these crops, leading to a lot of damage. We help you understand to identify these agricultural pests, thanks to their snout-shaped heads.

  • Indianmeal Moths

These insects are small, but they are quite dangerous. These come in black and brown tones, and they can do considerable damage even when they are in their larval stage. These can not only bite into the food items and chew on the grains, but they can also bite into the package of the foods stored in the warehouses.

  • Birds

Sometimes, birds may build nests inside the warehouses. They lay eggs and carry disease-carrying pathogens inside, thereby leading to large-scale contamination of foods stored inside. These can also cause disturbances to the employees working in the warehouse. So, you need a professional pest control company like us to help you get rid of warehouse pests indoors and outdoors.

  • Rats and mice

We help you conduct thorough checks in your warehouse and seal even the smallest cracks at regular intervals. This is because rats, mice and rodents can enter your warehouses through the tiniest of these crevices, and can bite into your warehouse facilities. The rat urine and droppings found in the warehouse can cause large-scale contamination of food particles stored in the warehouse if left unidentified in the early stages.