Rodents are one of the most common but irritating pests you will encounter in your homes. While they contaminate food and bite into paper easily, they also come with a bigger problem. They are disease carriers, and it is highly recommended to check your homes regularly for rodent infestations. This will help you identify the problem early, and take preventive measures.

Rodents can enter your homes easily through small holes and crevices. So, check your homes regularly to seal the holes and prevent the entry of these pests. Another important point to keep in mind is that rodents are quite attracted to food and water. So ensure that you don’t leave any food and water sources lying around open in the kitchens, gardens and other places. Check for the leakages in the pipes and taps, because the moist atmosphere created by this leakage can attract rodents inside.

Where can you spot rodents often?

Many homeowners aren’t able to spot rodent infestations easily because they are not aware of the entry points of these pests. When they finally identify the pests by noticing the black droppings all over the kitchens and dark places, the damage is already done. So, the key to keeping rodent infestations at bay is to identify the entry points of these pests. To make it easier for you to spot rodents, we have listed down some of the common places through which

Rodents can gain access into your homes in the following section:

  • Small holes or cracks on the cabinets or cupboards or doors that open to the outside
  • Any small holes located near the sink or leakage in the pipes
  • Cracks found in the basement
  • Dark, hard to access crevices in the attic
  • Holes (even the tiny ones) found on the windows or doors
  • Crawl spaces, if any, located in the basements
  • Through vents, especially if the screen is missing from them
What can you do to control rodent infestations?

As a homeowner, you can follow three main steps to control rodent infestations. They are prevention of entry of rodents, identifying the spots of rodents infestation and treating the infestation spots with the right method. Please check the spots that we have mentioned above for rodents, and take preventive action immediately. You should seal all the entry points and use steel mesh in these areas to prevent the entry of rodents.

Why is it important to call professional pest control companies to get rid of rodents?

Professional pest control companies have enough experience in dealing with rodents. They conduct a thorough examination of your property and look at the right places to spot these pests. Based on the extent of infestations, they choose the right and safe pest control treatments.

You might spot one or two rodents running around your kitchen at night. However, the problem could be more intense than what appears to you. A pest control company conducts an extensive search in your property to identify all the rodent-entry points, and take effective measures to seal them forever.