In the current age, when the world is going through the COVID 19 pandemic, more and more people are spending time in their homes. Online schools and work from home have become the norm of today. With elders, pets, kids and adults all staying together in one house due to the alarming situations outside, it is only natural that the place where they stay is kept as safe as possible.

While regular pest control checks have always been important, more people have started to realize it of late, because of the time they are spending indoors. Since pests like mosquitoes, rats, bed bugs, flies and others are also carriers of many diseases, it is important to keep them at bay with the help of frequent professional pest control measures.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need to call a professional pest control service provider to keep your homes and surroundings clean during COVID 19:

 Pests such as mice, rats and others that belong to the rodent species can enter your homes through a very tiny hole or crevice in the walls or floors. In the absence of professional pest control measures, the infestations of these pests go unnoticed. Before you know it, they would be contaminating your food particles, and eating away from your bins and open food containers. When you happen to eat from the same container, you are prone to be infected with serious ailments like hantavirus, plague, salmonella, rat fever, LCMV and more.

 By the time you spot rodents’ infestations through their droppings, they would have got very active in your homes. They could eat away electrical wires and chew your furniture, before you realize the extent of damage caused by them. It will cost you a lot to repair these electric lines, apart from the living with the danger of broken lines causing short circuits in your place.

 Today, people treat their gardens and backyards as their gyms. After a long day’s work or early in the morning, they spend time here during some exercises, yoga, stretching, etc. However, the worrying factor about this scenario is that gardens and backyards are the favorite dwelling places of ticks and mosquitoes. During COVID-19, it is important to get a professional pest control expert to check these places, so that you can exercise in peace in your homes.

 If you don’t diagnose them in the early stages, ticks and mosquitoes can cause more damage than you would have ever imagined. Apart from causing less serious issues like skin rashes and itching, these pests can also cause other serious illnesses like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and encephalitis.

Well, it is not just the humans that are slowly getting adjusted to the new normal way of living. Pests, especially the ones that commonly infest homes, too, are highly adaptable in nature. In the current scenario, pests are trying to infest new areas in your homes, to escape the usual checks you conduct. It requires the expertise of professional pest control companies to conduct a thorough check on your properties and keep them safe from pest infestations, thereby helping you live a healthy and peaceful life.