Bedbugs are very irritating because they reproduce quickly, and they hide in small spaces easily. It isn’t easy to spot them. Though they don’t cause any serious harm, these pests can cause skin irritation and severe itching. The dark and moist places on furniture cracks, beds and bedding are some of the favorite dwelling joints of bedbugs. If you have too much bed bug infestation in your home, it is best to call a professional pest control expert to exterminate them.

Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that you avoid future bedbug infestations. These preventive measures can give quite a lot of relief from the irritating pests.

 Always buy a light-colored protective cover for bed covers, pillows and cushions. This way, you can spot bedbug infestations easily, and you can also keep your bedding safe. Keep checking this encasement cover regularly for holes or damages, as even a small hole is enough for bedbugs to enter inside.

 Bedbugs love spaces that are unclean and full of clutter. This gives them lots of hiding spots. So, one of the best and time-tested methods to keep your homes free from bedbug infestations is to keep them clutter-free. Vacuum clean the corners and hard-to-reach spots regularly to keep them spotlessly clean and germs-free.

 You can avoid the invasion of bedbugs by closing the gap at the bottom of the doors. Door sweeps can close these gaps, and block the entry of bedbugs into your rooms.  You need to check the electric wall socks, walls, basements, attics and other places for tiny crevices or cracks. If there are any cracks, seal them up immediately. The crack may appear to be very tiny for you, but a bedbug could easily find its way through it.

 Washing bedclothes, blankets, bedspreads and the like at high temperatures is recommended, because the heat can kill the bedbug infestations, if any. If you are moving homes, ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned and dried your furniture and bedclothes to avoid the spread of bedbugs in your new home as well.

 Treating bedbugs can become a challenge, when you have a lot of insects to deal with. Heat treatments, vacuum cleaning and decluttering may not be helpful in those cases. So, it is important to understand when to seek professional help.

 Bed bugs love to get into the power outlets to avoid getting caught when extermination is going on! So, if you want to keep your homes completely free from bed bugs, you should first cover the power outlets and electric sockets carefully. Bedbugs can easily move to other areas of your home from here, so covering the electric outlets can prevent the entry of bedbugs to a large extent.

 Spotting bed bugs early is one of the best ways to avoid their infestations. Most of the time, people don’t notice these signs, and it becomes too late by the time they realize that their home is infested with bed bugs. If you see itchy, red marks on your skin in the morning, you could have been bitten by bedbugs during the night. So, please watch out for these signals early on, so that it is easy to control infestations from bedbugs.