No matter how hard you try, you will find some unwanted visitors in the form of bugs coming to your home more often than you would have desired. You might have gotten rid of them the last time around; however, they somehow sneak back into your homes just when you least expect them. The key here is to be prepared and know more about the household bugs that can infest your homes.

Especially in times of a pandemic like COVID-19, most of us are working from our homes. Our homes have become our offices, gyms, and entertainment spots now. So, it is important to keep our homes free from pests and diseases, so that we can lead a healthy life – physically and mentally. For this very reason, we have to hire professional pest control companies to get our homes monitored regularly, so that pest infestations like the following and more, are spotted early and controlled effectively.


These are the most common pests you will see in your homes. They are usually found in the kitchens and near food sources, especially sweet items. They eat away the furniture and contaminate the food particles in your homes. Some of the common methods that pest control experts use to kill ants are boric acid, hydramethylnon, fipronil and piperonyl butoxide

Bed Bugs

The problem with bed bugs is that they are so small that it becomes very hard to spot the infested areas. A very small crack is enough for them to enter your homes. The bite of bed bugs can lead to skin rashes, irritation and itching. They are commonly found in the bedrooms and the small cracks in the walls.

Since they reproduce at an alarming rate, it is important to spot them early and use the right treatment to keep them from spreading. Even after steam-cleaning the bedding and other bedbug-infested material, you may not be able to get rid of bedbugs complexly. This is why experts suggest the use of chemical and non-chemical treatments to kill bed bugs. Pyrethrins, pyrethroids and pyrroles re usually used to kill bedbugs and their eggs.


Many types of flies can infest your homes. While the common houseflies may not be that dangerous, some other flies can contaminate the food items in your kitchens. They can also be carriers of serious diseases like food poisoning and salmonella. Experts recommend using indoor light traps and sticky traps for getting rid of the common houseflies. However, if you notice too much of infestation from flies in your home, you should call professional pest control service providers immediately.


Considered one of the most irritating household pests, cockroaches can cause serious damage when not spotted early. They are mostly found in the kitchens and moist, dark areas in your homes. Some people may get skin and respiratory ailments when they step on the droppings of cockroaches. While boric acid, baking soda and strong essential oils are some of the tried and tested remedies to keep cockroaches at bay, we recommend you call pest control experts to keep these pests away from your homes permanently. Mostly professionals use glue traps and gel bait stations in your homes, after preparing the surfaces well, to get rid of the irritating roaches.