Infestation from pests is one of the most irritating things you experience at home. There is nothing more frustrating than finding your comfort zone infested with ants, mice, cockroaches and more. While you may have tried some tips to keep some pests away during the summer, you might not have taken the same precaution to stay safe from winter pests.

So, here we tell you about some of the common pests you may encounter during the winter season, and ways to overcome them.


Ants are so small that they can easily enter through the tiny crevices in the walls or holes in your garden. It is important to spot infestation from ants early, because they spread easily. Before you realize it, you might have a colony of ants to deal with. Ants are mostly found in kitchens, especially if you have kept food containers open.

Getting rid of ants – Keep all food packages sealed and clean the floors of all crumbs possible. Seal the tiny crevices on the walls to prevent the entry of ants.


Beetles are one of the most common pests you will encounter during the winter season. This is because, they are looking for some warmth to keep themselves cozy during the cold season. The most common places you will find beetles are near cloth dryers and water heaters. Beetles aren’t carriers of diseases; however, you have to control them as quickly as you can because they multiply rapidly.

Getting rid of beetles – You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of beetles. Once all the insects are trapped in the bag, discard them carefully, far from your homes. It would help if you also kept all food containers closed well, because beetles may frequent your kitchens for warmth.


Ladybugs try to get inside your homes during the winter season, to keep themselves warm. A small crack in your walls or windows is enough for these small insects to sneak into your homes. While they don’t cause any serious danger, they secrete a yellow liquid, that can leave a stain. Also, the liquid has an unpleasant odor.

Getting rid of ladybugs – Find the crevices on the walls & windows to seal them immediately. Also, you can spray some soapy water on the areas where ladybug infestations are spotted.


Silverfish love to settle down in dark and damp locations to keep themselves warm. Silverfishes are not dangerous, but they reproduce very quickly. If you don’t spot infestations rapidly, you may soon have hundreds of silverfish eggs to deal with.

Getting rid of silverfish – Sometimes, getting rid of silverfish infestations may be a little tricky. Sticky traps will work; however, it is best to hire a professional pest control expert to get rid of these pests.


Rain or shine, cockroaches somehow find a way into your homes. They are one of the most irritating household pests ever, because they can fly, too. These infestations can be found all over your house, and the worst point is that cockroaches multiply rapidly.

Getting rid of cockroaches – Home remedies may not work well for cockroaches. Hence, it is best to hire a professional pest control expert to control cockroaches in your home, especially if they are found in large numbers.