Brown/Norway Rats

Norway or Brown rats are common threats to the health of Vancouver citizens, often invade their home and building. These rats have small eyes and ears, smaller tails, bigger size and different habits than roof rats. Mucks of Norway rats can be about 2cm large and oval shaped.
Norway rats can invade into the premises via small openings in different areas and open doors. Humid conditions are ideal for Norway rats also the basements and lower areas of homes or buildings. Usually Norway rats reside in pipes, low lying areas, woodheaps and outhouses.

Black Rats

Very common specie found in Greater Vancouver; often like to live in the upper part of the premises. Black Rats got a secret kind of nature; often their presence is unnoticed until the inhabitants are developing within a structure. Usually Black rats like to live near to people and popular transmission medium for several infections. These rats are of about 15-20cm length and having long tail almost equal to the length. Black rats urinate and excrete to a large extent sometime in items of common use, like dropped ceilings, cupboards etc. in addition, these rats damage wirings, valuables and food stuff and pollute human life seriously. To control these rats, it is essential to eliminate entry access points and make sure current populations are absolutely eliminated.

House Mice

In metro Vancouver BC and Fraser Valley this type is commonly found, causing potential health problems by carrying several bacteria’s, parasites and diseases, threatening personal possessions and foot items. It is not just a case of nuisance; these mice can cause a severe damage to insulation and electrical wiring and other household appliances.
These mice have large tails and ears, a sharp nose, grayish to light brown fur on the body, sizing from 14-18gms and can fit into the small areas all over the building. A house mouse can stay alive for approx. 02 or more years & breed all over the year. Females mice can produce about 2-13 mice in each litter in roughly 18-21 days.

Gray Squirrels

Usually Grey squirrels like to develop their nests in hollow areas in and outside the buildings, in attics etc. These squirrels can be brown or black as well even though called gray squirrels. While having food from nuts, offspring of various small animals, seeds, these species can be pretty critical and high value mark in the human society. At Alpine Pest Control, our professionals do the best to examine affected areas of the building and take care of important or small repair work to eliminate squirrels from your premises.


These little brilliant jumpers can invade furnished furniture, carpets, openings or cracks in the wood flooring and often pets. The famous ‘cat’ flea can not only use blood of our pets like dogs and cats as food resource but also can taste human quite often. Fleas carrying bacterial disease can cause harmful effects like dermatitis and other allergic consequences. Pets become weak as fleas transmit tapeworms. Common Symptoms of fleas can be noticed by observing the behavior of household pets as they scratch and bite to get some relief and typical bite spots on human ankles as well. Flea bite can be differentiated easily as it causes itchy red swellings.

Stored Products Beetles and Moths

These pests infest dried fruits, nuts and products stored for a long period of time, can be found in the kitchen and food processing places and food warehouses as well. The Products stored can have several stored product pests or their eggs, storing grain products under warm conditions and poor management can stimulate the development of stored product pests. These pest cause severe damage to the products stored by transferring bacteria and other infections.

Bed Bugs

Many people in Vancouver have unpleasant encountered with bed bugs. They like to taste human blood while sleeping and leave red bumps on the skin. Bed bugs use various places in the home to hide themselves like electrical boards, bed sheets, sofa, carpets etc. Bed bugs are brilliant movers can travel through the pipes and other openings to move from one place to another. Flattened apple seed shaped pest can live for a long period of time without food and under freezing temperature. Usually bed bugs are about 6 mm long in size while litters are the size of a grain of sand. Bed bugs can be very distressing for human as their bite leave itchy red bumps which upon rubbing can extend infections.


Ants can be a big problem and pose potential threats to your home or commercial place. Ants have several types different in size and color. Typically ants develop and live in colonies; there are few hundred to thousands of workers in a colony working under a queen. All Ants can have wings in generative stage. A solid approach to prevent ant infestations is to identify and eliminate their habitats, traveling paths and nesting areas in the or near the building. Cornfield Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House ants, Pharoh Ants, Pavement ants are the common types of ants found in Vancouver BC.

Carpenter Ants

Many of carpenter ants are of large size and black in color. These ants normally bore holes in different materials especially woods expelling the debris to establish a place to reside and grow their colonies. They can be worst enemy of human food, especially meat, sugar honey and other stuff comprising carbohydrates and proteins. Then well-established colonies of ants may contain about thousands of workers having life span of 7 years and a queen which can live approximately 8-12 years. Carpenter ants have been very popular threat to many homes in Vancouver BC.


Cockroach is very flexible and elastic pest then all other common pest and can invade into any home or building. Their presence may cause asthmatic and allergic reactions as they carry pathogens and several other bacteria all the time. There are many types of cockroaches vary in size and color. German cockroach got hall of fame not only Vancouver BC but in all British Columbia. Cockroach can be found anywhere in the home but often they seem to like kitchen as they can easily find food and water there.


Spiders sometimes pose potential threats to homeowners in Vancouver BC by psychologically shaking them up. Black widow and Hobo spiders have been a major disturbance for many homeowners in Vancouver BC even in whole British Columbia. Although bite of a spider is not so harmful but People sensitive to venom may find it very harsh.


Silverfish can be found in wet or dark areas, bathroom fittings, baseboards, and attics, keen of carbohydrates, yeast and proteins of arrowroots in paper and textiles. Silverfish have a life span up to six years, often effect drywalls, slack papers & fibers. Silverfish are about 2cm longer having metallic or greyish color and lean shape.

Bees, Wasps, Hornets

People often face trouble with bees, wasps and hornets due to the serious effect of their stinging. Although these insects are a handy source of pollination but can be very harmful if found near the home or any residing premises. Yellow jacket has been most popular specie and been a major concern for many homeowners. Wasps grow nests in void areas and in the soil. As the development grow more these nests become very large. Wasps should never be treated without proper preparation, if you see and suspect wasp invasion probably a good idea would be to call Professional Pest Control Service in your area as it is not easy and not recommended to treat them alone.